Saturday, 17 April 2021

None of my business.

 I hope that the funeral goes goes well for the Royal Family today. I have avoided any news stories and gossip about them. Most of them were born into royalty so their future was mapped out. Harry has chosen to opt out. People may not have much regard for Meghan but he chose her for his wife. I respect anyone who makes changes to their life if they find themselves in the wrong place. They are human, with feelings, just like anyone else. I wish them well. 

The Duke of Edinburgh gave seventy years of his life to his wife, family, and his royal duties. I salute him for that. But I will not condemn younger royals for going in a different direction to what is expected of them. What goes on within the Royal family is none of my business.

C  U  L8TER  Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Strange tv shows airing the skeletons in the cupboard is of course a different matter. If they want to tell all then they , and nobody else, should be surprised if people make comments about them. I assume they didn't set up the tv interview for a private chat with Oprah.

  2. I understand your comments Ilona, but when a two bit jumped up actress and her husband call me and my countrymen racists you can bet I have something to say about them.

  3. Meghan is/was a legend in her own mind. I live in Canada and the only time I'd heard of her was when she did a commercial for a dress shop called Reitmans. I thought Meghan Markle was a made up character to sell clothes. She was hardly the great actress.

    Harry could have left royal life anytime he wanted without the song and dance of the last two years. He and his family have cost your nation and mine a bundle in security and living expenses.

  4. Oh dont even start me off about Me.Gain and her puppet Harry..I saw the pubic adoring her!! If she has got problems did not stop her going to America,for her baby shower,when she was pregnant with Archie.Lol..I have my own feelings on this woman,but I wouldnt even start to put them here.Apart from to say,she is toxic.xx

  5. They have made some mistakes. That's all I will say about the family.


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