Friday, 23 April 2021

Looking for new pictures

Good morning. I extended the walk yesterday to seven miles. It was such a glorious day, wall to wall sunshine so it was time to get the legs out of hibernation. I took a few pics, as I do. Loving this new camera. 
There is a bench opposite this cottage. I sometimes take a ten minute break there and watch the birds come to the feeder hanging below the umbrella tree. The wood pigeons tend to peck the seeds which have fallen down to the ground below it. 
The park was closed because it was after 5pm, but I liked this scene looking through the gates. 
I am starting to look further away from me, now I have a good zoom. I like the simplicity of the five trees standing in a row across the other side of a large field. They remind me of lollipop trees. 
Or should it be four trees? I like cropping to make a different picture. 

I made a video as well and will upload that while I do other things today. Plants need potting up, and there will be a dog walk this afternoon. This good weather is uplifting, I am making the most of it.
Catch ya later. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Morning Ilona! Great pics, it's lovely to see where you're walking.

  2. I feel you may have some inspiration from those trees for a picture of some sort, aren't they beautiful.

  3. Lovely pics thanks for sharing. Its great to see where you walk and the scenery around.

  4. Yesterday was a beautiful day and I can see that you made the most of it!.Lovely pictures and its great that you are so happy with your new camera.Well worth the money when something can give so much pleasure.Those trees look lovely!xx


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