Sunday, 10 July 2011

Plenty of barking but no biting

It's been a lovely day at Jerry Green's Open Day, at Broughton. This event is always well attended, people like to support the rescue dogs. I have been taking a stand here in the marquee for the last few years, first as Mr Puss, selling fancy goods and gifts with a cat theme, then for the Scrapstore, and now for our own cat rescue.

It's a good family day out, plenty to see, and everybody brings their dogs, so masses of waggy tails. There is a display of vintage and classic cars. Here's a couple of shiny old crocs :o)

The dog show, anyone can enter.

All lined up for the judge, and on their best behaviour.

A stroll round the pens always brings a tear to my eyes, it is so sad to see these waiting for a home.

They often find dogs left abandoned tied to the gate.

Please take me home.

Sadly some of these dogs have been here for a long time and may never find a home. Most of them are large to medium size, not many little ones.

The crowds flock to the car boot sale in the adjoining field.

Entertainment is provided by the Tae Kwondo team.

And the Majorettes.

Here's a few pics of some lovely dogs I spotted. Give us a kiss you sexy thing. No thanks you've got slobber running down your chin, ha ha.

Is it night or day out there? I can't see with all this hair over my eyes.

This Bernese Mountain dog was gorgeous.

You can rescue me any day sunshine. Search dog for the Fire Brigade.

Where's me sled? Where's the snow, roll on winter.

Janet and Sue chatting up the customers. We didn't do quite as well as the last one, but it all helps. We enjoyed being there, I love seeing all those dogs.

Hello to Nannyboo who is going through my blog with a fine tooth comb, ha ha.


  1. Hello still at it and getting lots of useful tips hubby given up and gone to bed muttering he wouldn't be surprised if I am still here when he gets up in the morning lol

  2. Sounds like a great day out and it's good that you made some money for your cause.

    Well done!

  3. Sorry that black dog looks more like a Newfoundland ?

  4. You may well be right, lizzie. I am not a dog breeds expert, I was going by the fact it was on the Bernese stand with several other dogs.

    Welcome Nannyboo

  5. Getting on my soapbox now so be warned...why do people insist on getting a pedigree dog (costing God only knows how much)when there are thousands of dogs, just begging for forever homes, in shelters? Snob value? Love of the 'breed'...because as far as I'm concerned it's not because of love for dogs.
    Stepping off the soapbox now....
    Jane x

  6. should read...Love of the breed? (sorry)
    Jane x

  7. Jane, I whole heartedly agree with you. A lot of people buy dogs for the wrong reasons, the colour, cuteness, macho image, etc. If they outlawed the breeding for money brigade, and dogs were only available from rescues, it would solve a lot of problems.

  8. I love dogs, our latest Jess was bought as a springer spaniel. The only bitch, which is what I always have, so didn't take much notice of the other pups. Mum was a lovely black and white springer and photo of dad was a liver and white springer.Jess is nothing like a springer, she is short haired no floppy lugs and the only springer thing about her is her crazyness. Do we care, does she care, no, we love her happy disposition. Some people may have took her somewhere like Jerry's. What made me laugh when we were looking for her, was the silly money people were asking for cockerpoo's, labradoodles and other mixed breeds. When I was a kid they were called mongrels, snob value. Put mongrel into a search on line and nothing comes up. Regards Sally

  9. I was looking for a photo of my cousin who lives in Broughton, but you must have missed him!

    I was browsing on-line dog rescue sites recently. It is so sad that most of the unwanted dogs are of the Staffie, Bull terrier types. Bought as "Macho Dogs" and then discarded.


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