Thursday, 18 August 2011

Bumping up the miles

I was a bit late setting off for the walk today, 2pm to be precise. I chose a straight forward there and back route, following the river, through Alkborough to Whitton, and return. I wasn't going to bother taking any photo's because I have posted similar before, but here you go, I took just two.

Alkborough Flats, the flood plain is a bit dry at the moment.

It took me 3 hours 15 minutes to do the 10.43 miles. Add that to the previous three days gives a total up to now of 47 miles. I had set myself a target of 50 miles in the five days, so I only have to do a few more tomorrow.

Now you can see how all the bits add up to make a decent total. It's a bit like saving money really, save the pennies where you can and before you know it you have got a fair few pounds in your purse.

This is my evening meal. Sorry it's not a face, I was in a hurry to eat it, ha ha. Steamed potatoes, runner beans, courgettes, carrots, and a few peas, all from the garden. Salad leaves from a reduced bag which cost 10p. A huge tomato my friend gave me. And a Quorn Tuna Style Melt, two in a pack reduced to 62p. I shall probably have the same again tomorrow night. Fantastic.


  1. Another lovely walk! Pouring rain stopped me today sadly. Never mind.

    Your dinner looks delicious!

    Sft x

  2. That's a wide stretch of water!

    The food looks delicious. I bought a steamer from Aldi this week, I've been looking unsuccessfully in charity shops and none of the put on the top ones fitted my pans, so bit the bullet.

    I have found that the potatoes I grew disintegrated in water and so have just used water at the bottom, potatoes and vegetables in the top and it certainly is better. If I cook a lot I use the other basket. I will learn as I go on with it.

  3. How do you calculate your mileage? I have a pedometer but it's not very exact....
    Enjoy reading about your travels!

  4. Hi Campfire. For steaming I use one of those expandable basket type things in a pan, with one inch of water in the bottom. Some varieties of potatoes do cook quickly and go to mush. I cut them into bigger chunks, and put them on top of harder vegetables which take a bit longer. It's best to prick everything with a fork after a few minutes to judge how much time they need. It's surprising how quickly they cook in a steamer.

  5. Hi lynda. I don't use a pedometer for the reason you quote, not very accurate. There are two web sites I use.
    You get two maps up on the screen, enter your start place in the top left box, then click on the bottom left gadget, (like a square), and start your plotting. Click along the route to the end and it will tell you how far you have walked.

    Two maps again side by side, you want the right hand one bigger so click on toggle. Similar as before, enter start place and click along the route to the end.

    If you use these late in the day you may find they can't display the OS map. That's because they are only allowed so many free viewings by OS, and may have reached their maximum according to their licence agreement. If so, use them earlier in the day, or the next morning. Play around with them to see what they will do. You can plan your route before you walk, or check mileage after.

    A good one to use if you want to print off maps without all the bumf that surrounds it is
    This opens as a full screen page of Central London. Zoom out a couple of times then grab it with your cursur and drag it to the part of the country you want to view. Then zoom back in again to OS.

    Good luck.

  6. I'm wondering if you'll do a cycle ride ever?

  7. I dont think I will ever do a long cycle ride, Toffeeapple, it would be too painfull for my bum. I dont mind the odd day out now and then, I could cope with that. I generally use the bike for local popping here and there.


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