Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A cobbled together walk

How's the exercising going today, anybody been on any walks? Or bike rides? I didn't get started till midday, it was a bit of a last minute decision as to where I went. I walked from home across the fields to Flixborough. It's a bit posh in Flixborough, look at this bus shelter. It has new double glazed windows, two benches, a notice board, a waste bin, and a new roof. Someone has been busy keeping it clean and tidy.

The Village Hall looks smart as well, with it's two new planters and hanging baskets. They look after things in Flixborough.

My destination is Scunthorpe, in a roundabout way. Passing through Atkinsons Warren I see there has been a bush fire. A lot of bushes are charred and blackened, but good old Mother nature is fighting back with some new growth coming along.

The flower beds in Kingsway Park are a blaze of colour. Nice to see our council making an effort.

Not many photo's today, not much of interest to show. I went to a couple of Cobblers in the town, to get prices for re-heeling my boots. All this walking on tarmac is wearing them out. I was told £16 in one shop and £12 in the other, for the same job. I shall have to get them in soon. I want to hang onto these boots they are so comfortable, it's worth paying for repairs to get more life out of them.

Today's mileage was 12.24. Anyone going for a walk tomorrow?


  1. I'm taking an 80 year old lady out for as much of a walk as she can manage tomorrow so will be walking a bit! We had a good walk yesterday, up a local hill which will be appearing on my blog soon and I'm currently writing up Saturday's walk to Magpie Mine in Derbyshire!!

    Flixborough looks like a lovely village being so well cared for :)

  2. That's a posh bus shelter!(Surprised not to see lace curatins at the windows).
    Jane x

  3. Wow! Look at that bus stop!

    Been out for my usual walk this morning.

    Very enjoyable, thanks for the inspiration.

    Sft x

  4. The usual dog walk for me. The old gal doesnt want to do the longer walks now, but her fawdling gives me a chance to admire my surroundings :-D

  5. Dawdling even!!

    is fawdling actually a word?

  6. The bus stop looks quite sweet with the little flower beds - why can't they all be looked after the same?

    Ilona, I kept forgetting to take boots and shoes to the cobbler until finally I had five pairs! It was going to cost a small fortune - so I asked for a discount, he looked taken aback for a second but then agreed 10% off! Have you got any others that need heeling?

  7. Double glazing on the bus shelter but no doors? More money than sense! :O)


  8. As Rattlebox said, double glazing but no door? Not much sense there. Flixborough seems a nice little place. I don't think I've been to Scunthorpe, is it nice?

  9. I m off for my daily walk; only five miles; not in your league yet. I walk through forest preserve here in the Midwest - have to go early this time of year because of the intense heat. Saw some indigo buntings yesterday - beautiful. We cant walk outside in the winter so ramp out our outings in the summer.

  10. Did my usual 2.5 miles yesterday and will go again today. This time I'll walk on trails by the S.F. Bay.

    Lovely seeing a place like Flixborough that looks so well cared for.


  11. I walked today to the promenade to say hello to the sea - only a couple of miles I'm afraid but still lots of things to see.
    Love from Mum

  12. It's good to see that people are walking. Keep at it folks.

  13. I`m preparing a picnic lunch to take on a walk with my daughter who has popped in for a visit, all the way from Inverness. I`ll take some pics if possible. We have not quite decided where we shall be going. just drop by my blog and find out, tomorrow night.


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