Thursday, 11 August 2011

Rollin around crying

I was in town this afternoon and these made me smile, seen in Home Bargains. Who remembers the agonies of sleeping in plastic hair rollers? I certainly do. It was sheer torture, waking up every hour to turn over, trying to ignore the fact that the plastic pins were sticking in my head. And for what? Just so I could go to work the next morning looking glammed up, because I was trying to catch a certain gorgeous lads eye.

Sometimes I washed my hair and put rollers in as soon as I came home from work, and if a certain young man came to visit it was panic stations as I ran upstairs and told mum not to let him in untill I was ready. Quickly tearing them out and combing through before I showed my face downstairs.

Then I got brazen and went to work wearing my rollers, as did other girls. We hid them under our hairnets. No not Ena Sharples type hairnets, those frothy white ones that they wear in a food factory. To do this was a sign that you were going out on a date that night, something to brag about. Dont tell anyone but sometimes I didn't have a date, I just didn't want to be the odd one out, ha ha.

So, it looks like they are making a comeback, maybe because Katie Price has been photographed wearing hers outdoors, and we all know that that thousands of little girls aspire to be like Katie. Perhaps they might become the new fashion accessory and we will start seeing teenagers wearing them in the High Street on a Saturday afternoon, because they have a date that night. You won't catch me sticking pins in my head again, ha ha.

I popped into TJ Hughes, our store is soon to be closing down. There is still a bit of stock for sale, but not much. I found a Regatta bodywarmer which will be great for walking, and a black sweatshirt, 40% off so a good price. It's a shame it's closing, I have bought the odd one or two items there, they always have stuff at reasonable prices. It seems a bit strange that we have had a new BHS and Primark open recently, yet a perfectly good shop gets closed down, perhaps they haven't been running the business very well.

I had a look in the newspaper, in WH Smith's, and there is my mush and the article. Of course I had to buy a copy. My goodness I look even worse on paper. All my wrinkles are showing ;o( Toodle pip.


  1. I'm not old enough to have ever used rollers but I remember my Gran was often seen in them and we used to play with them!

    I believe all TJ Hughes stores are closing down, I think they went into administration.

    I clicked the link in your last post to read the article... I look forward to hearing your plans for long walk number 2!


  2. Ooh the agonies of rollers! My hair's not long enough now to get even the smallest ones in...GOOD!
    I think it's awful that there are so many established companies closing down - it wouldn't have anything to do with all the cheap Chinese imports would it? This country is going to the dogs - there's barely any manufacturing companies at all now...I'd better get off my soapbox!

  3. Liverpool is the place to go to see roller wearing around town. I believe the girls wear their PJs to the shops as well!

  4. I;ve seen people in Liverpool walking around in PJS and slippers, cw rollers.

    I remember rollers well, I do have some of those large Velcro ones but must admit can't be bothered to use them. My hair's long but I just wash it and let it dry on its own. Don't fuss about it, if I want it tidy, just tie it back. I spend less time on it that I ever did when it was very short or even medium length, when I was always blow drying it.

  5. i wore rollers to bed just the other night and im only 28 lol!!!! dont think i would ever go out in them tho lol!!!!

  6. I have my hair cut super short to get rid of the curls so can't understand this at all. Like lots of others who aren't blessed with straight manes I live in envy of those who can wear their hair in a super sleek bob!

  7. I wore these to bed or the sponge ones. In college I washed my hair at night,rolled my hair, and slept with this big thing like a plastic shower cap that was attached to a hose that was attached to a hair dryer. I wish they sold those now. It was really good for white noise so other girls noisiness would not wake me. I hate my straight hair and wanted curls or volume, anything. HA! I have had a similar post started for the last two months! I might finish it in a year.

  8. Mum used to put my hair in rollers when I was tiny. I can remember how tight and painful they felt and my dad sticking up for me when I said I didn't want curly hair any more.
    I've been to our T.J.Hughes recently too. They had v cheap bras because of the closing sale. Pity it is only when they are closing down that the shoppers become interested.

  9. My Mum used to go to TJ Hughes every week, she was in there last week too. I used to buy make up from there and Sloggies for my Mum. I also got a super duper pair of speccies, with a magnetic pair of sunglasses which clipped on and just looked like one thing, you can't get them any more.
    I also got a lovely pair of rimless specs at the same time.

  10. Oh yes, the pain of plastic rollers. Only to be ourdone the stink of a home perm. Those were the days, hahaha.


  11. Oops - should be ouT done... I think the fumes pickled my brain.


  12. I remember going to bed in rollers with a chiffon headscarf tied over them to keep them all in place. lol
    Then when it was all backcombed out and well laquered I had to walk sideways in the winds to make sure it didn't move, oh, and always stop at every phone box to look in the mirror and check it was still looking good.(that's when we had the old red boxes )
    If I remember right, the laquer was rosedale, and came in a plastic tube, you had to snip the end off and empty it into another plastic spray bottle. Ahhhhh the good old days....


  13. From Eileen M

    Hi Ilona, I followed your Blackpool trip every day and really enjoyed it. I couldnt leave a comment as I was having PC probs. I went on to the newpaper site yesterday and left a comment on the article. (Love the photo). I had to sign up to something to do this and leave a photo for my profile. I left a pic of my beautiful cat, sitting on top of my moniter watching me type. If anyone wants to see your article now its been moved into the archives.

    google/blogger wont let me comment so I am trying again as Anonymous

  14. Hi Eileen. Thanks for putting a comment on the newspaper article, it's on page two now, been pushed down a bit. Briony, I do remember that hairspray, I bought it because it was cheap. Yes, my hair was as stiff as a board sometimes ha ha.
    Darla, my auntie permed my hair once, it was like an afro style, I hated it.


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