Sunday, 14 August 2011

Join me in keeping fit

Just back from a morning walk, and who should I bump into but the man on his horse. I have mentioned him before, he lives in my village and keeps his beautiful big brown horse nearby. Such a nice friendly chatty man.

How pleasant it is to stroll around the fields on a warm Sunday morning, and to stop and chat to people. I met several dog walking friends, and Henry choc lab had loads of fun running amock with his doggy friends. At one point there was six dogs chasing around, he has as many friends here as in his own village.

I've got five free days coming up this week, so while the weather is fine, I'm going to be out walking. I want to up the mileage to keep up the momentum. Don't want my muscles to turn to jelly after all that hard work I did on the long walk. I won't be stopping out overnight, I can do it by walking out and back from home everyday.

Winter is looming and the days are getting shorter, so now is the time to make the most of it and get out. I'll pack my sandwiches and get my boots on and go. This week is keep fit week. Are you going to join me?


  1. Yes, will be walking every day until I go back to school, then at weekends.

    Sft x

  2. I'm coaching gymnastics four hours a day this week so that will be enough of a workout for me - will be envious of you seeing the countryside whilst I am stuck in a windowless gym, though! Hope you have a great week, and show us lots of pictures, please!

  3. If I did four hours a day caoching gymnastics, I would be knackered. Good for you, Morgan.

    I shall be reading all about your walks Sft, you walk in some lovely areas.

  4. It's great to be out walking isn't it! We haven't done any proper walks for the last few months but we started with the one in Tissington last week! We are feeling quite unfit after a break from walking so we must get back into it now and keep it up! I have two more walks to post but today it's cool and showery so we're having a day at home to catch up on some cleaning and washing before hopefully heading out tomorrow for another walk.

    I look forward to seeing where you take us this week!

  5. Will be with you too. Really. Need. Motivation. To. Get. Fit.

    Will be walking - out for one now to get me going. Also yoga (last week managed three days).

    BTW tagged you re your self-care routine - being the meanqueen and all I wondered if you make your own soap and such like? I've probably missed a post or three of yours about this - will just have a quick look around again while I am here, just in case.

  6. Hi Jan. I don't make my own soap. I used to buy in hand made soap from a small family business in Suffolk, and sell it on at craft fairs and agricultural shows. I have stacks of it left, so I don't need to make any till I have used it all up, whioch will be about five years, ha ha.

    I like that, 'self care routine'. It's all about what you put into your body as well as trying to keep it in tip top condition on the outside. Good luck with your motivation.

  7. I`ll bw cycling to and from work every day now, until the insurance company have decided what`s to be done with my damaged campervan.
    If it`s written off I`ll get a small car, eventually. But cycling will be on the cards from now on in. That`s my daily exercise for now.

  8. If I could walk for any length of time then I would join you but I shall be there in spirit.

  9. I walk the dogs through the fields of our landlords farm at least once a day, sometimes up to three times. To join in with the spirit of your walks I intend to walk in different directions each time I set out.

    The walks here (we're in Oxfordshire) are lovely, on the farm we see Roe deer, Muntjacs, Brown hares, Red Kites and Buzzards and we have the most beautiful owl living in our barn which makes the odd flypast if we disturb her by accident.

    You do learn to slow down and appreciate nature when you walk.

    Sue xx

  10. I routinely walk 2 1/2 miles every morning. That is puny compared to what you do but the "routine" thing counts for something.


  11. I envy you so much. It's been over 100 degrees here(Texas) for what seems like forever. If only winter were looming!

  12. Darla, it doesn't matter how far you walk, something is better than nothing, and getting into a good routine is everything.

    Yes Sue, walking is very therapeutic, it's good for the soul as well as the body.

    Well done for cycling Sarina, good for the leg muscles, and it makes your heart beat faster.

    You come with me, Toffeeapple, I'll take you on my trips, you're most welcome.

  13. just the challenge I needed! count me in on exercise...starting with a one week commitment. baby steps count too, don't they? ;)


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