Thursday, 18 August 2011

Doesn't she scrub up well :o)

Just got time to slot in this quickie. I know a lot of people couldn't do without their daily shower, I am not one of them. For a start I haven't got time to get myself wet, and dry myself off every single day, and I can't see how a quick waft over with shower gel can remove every bit of grime. Shower gel is the biggest con of all times anyway, we didn't need it years ago. Just because someone smells nice doesn't mean they are clean. And what about the extra washing you have to do with all the towels you use for a daily shower? Waste of water and energy.

This is how I keep clean. I have just washed my hair over the bath, and then had my fortnightly soak, full body exfoliation, pedicure, and I still have the water to use for washing my car.

For the hair wash I used Tesco Value baby shampoo, dead cheap at 8p a bottle. All I did for my exfoliation was use soap, (I've got stacks of this hand made soap), and a pair of scrubby gloves, which you can buy at a Pound Shop, they last forever.

I use a pumice stone on my feet, you can't do that while hopping about in a shower. I trim my toe nails over the bath so they go down the plug hole with the last drop of water left after the car wash, another job you can't do in the shower.

That's it, all dead skin removed, squeeky clean and job done. To finish it off I use cheap body lotion on my arms, legs, and neck, and cheap moisturiser on the mush. In between the baths, I boil a kettle of water and wash the bits that matter, thus only heating a tank of water on bath days. Of course if there was two of you, you could have a bogof. Buy one get one free by using the same bath water ;o)


  1. i do the same and the kids share bath water too, saves quite a bit

  2. That soap looks lovely. I'd like to get hold of some hand made stuff at a bargain price. Any ideas?

    There's too much worth today placed on 'my shower' or 'my bath'. Don't know when they find the time to do all this.

  3. My Nan used to say (instead of bathing) "Wash up as far as possible, down as far as possible and then you wash impossible itself" :-D

  4. I must have my daily bath.Otherwise, I just don't feel human. I get too sweaty even if not exerting myself as you do. My skin gets all itchy with sweat, salt, and grime on it. My bathtime is a way to wake up. It also relaxes me like nothing else can.

    Shower gel or body wash as we call it, serves me well in a pump at the sink for washing my hands. I prefer bar soap in the tub.

  5. I'm with P.P above! I don't feel human until I've had my daily shower, I just feel grimy. I also like to pumice my feet every time I shower (I use plain old sugar as a foot and face scrub) and use my scrubby gloves everyday!

    I would be out of the house a lot quicker in a morning if I could go without my shower, but I can't do it! Plus my hair is greasy and needs a wash everyday.

    I hate soaking in the bath, but I do have a quick bath every week as well as my daily showers so I can shave and cut my nails! Terribly wasteful I know but I save energy in lots of other ways!

    I envy people who can just get and go in the morning, I really with I was one of them!

  6. I wish there was a 'like' button on here. Kath's remarks make me laugh, it's so funny. Love it!

  7. We share bath water and then if time allows use it on the flowers.

    Sft x

  8. I shower every night, after work. Being at work at a dry cleaners does get me quite sweaty. When we have all the dry cleaning and pressing machines on the go it gets to about 45 C in the back of the shop where I work. I do not need a sauna, but could not go without the shower when I get home. Mind you, I never linger long under the shower. 2 mins is the minimum. I take a bath only once in the month, if I can help it. That`s when I do all my necessary manicuring and pampering.

  9. Just couldn't function properly without my morning wake up shower and hair wash. I regard it as my favourite luxury. Sally

  10. I am a two min daily shower gal as well. The small one needs a bit longer - its water play but we bath very occaisionaly. I am a bit of a skank when it comes to hair washing and shaving in the winter months. Have worked out that if you have a fringe you can get away with just washing that bit to give yourself an instant hair lift! and look less greasy!

    Eeek - can't be bothered to sing out and in as blogger clearly has the moody box ticked!

  11. Lol! I also worked out a long time ago that you can just get away with washing your fringe and your hair instantly looks less greasy! I'm also taking advantage of the cheap supermarket baby shampoo - several bottles stashed away under the bed as I'm sure it won't stay at 8p forever. My hair feels so soft since I started using it.


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