Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Family Brings Baby Cow Into Their Home.

Blue skies and sunshine, I must go out for a walk. Before I do, here's a happy video to warm the cockles of your heart.

I've just made a video this morning about my current arty project, I'll get it uploading to yooootoooob while I am out. Will post it later. Just got to see to cats, then go. Catch ya later.
Toodle pip.


  1. Beautiful video, bought a tear to my eye, how people can just abandon animals I really don't know, there is so many cruel people out there.
    I have no animals because of my current circumstances but in a few years from now I shall be looking to get a pet from a rescue centre.
    Lovely to see a happy ending for the calf and puppy on this video. xx

  2. I enjoy your blog every day. I especially enjoyed this video re cow and dog!!! Carol


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