Thursday, 10 December 2020

A cute little brooch.

Now I'm on a roll, brooch number three. This time I have used a canvas type fabric, to see if it would gather tightly at the back. It's worked out alright. Someone mentioned that people don't buy brooches any more, they are not in fashion. I tend to agree, so let's make them fashionable again. The difficult part will be remembering to put one on before you walk out of the door. 
What a dull and cold day it's been. Both cats have been asleep, Oscar on the posh office chair, and Mayze upstairs in my bed. She burrows her way underneath the top cover, I know she is there by the bump in the middle. I touch it and feel her warm body, and she squeaks. 

Angela rang me to ask for instructions. She is making a patchwork sewing machine cover like mine. Rather than explaining on the phone I went round there with my cover so she could see the next stages. 

I went to the Post Office and got my package posted. There was one person inside and two waiting. Then two more ladies joined the queue behind me. Well spread out, it was flippin cold. Another lady walked towards us with cards in her hand, she saw how many were waiting and decided to do an about turn and go home. She will have to wait till Monday now, unless she goes somewhere else, to town maybe, or the next village. 

Getting dark at 3.30pm, makes it a long night. I considered doing a five mile walk, but couldn't muster up the enthusiasm for it. Having a coffee with Angela seemed a better bet. She sometimes volunteers in the Age UK charity shop, but she can't find any enthusiasm for that now. The combination of winter and lockdowns is putting a damper on everything. Now would be a good time to hibernate. 

Anyway, we must keep our peckers up. I will do my three miles around the village tonight and look at all the pretty lights. 

Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Yes indeed - we must all try to keep our peckers up as we approach the strangest Christmas any of us have ever known. By the way, the expression "to keep your pecker up" is not used in America for obvious reasons.

  2. Hello ilona. I'm not an expert at tech so I hope you get this message ok but I just wanted to express my interest in the content of your blogs and admiration for all the hardwork and effort taken to create such wonderful pieces. My favourite bits are your craft ideas and pictures; your photographs and your round- up of the days' events. Such an inspiration, thank you. Lynda.

  3. Oh Ilona, I love your brooches, they are really beautiful.
    Maybe few people do wear them nowadays, but I am one of those happy few :>)


  4. I love your brooches!.I mix n match mine,by wearing my Grandmas..they are about 90 years old..I have Beatles ones,ABC minors one,Robinson jam golliwog one,a blue peter one...I didnt win it,lol..Loads of vintage ones!.I wear them on my vintage Levi jackets.xx


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