Thursday, 10 December 2020

Message to Traveller

 UK Column News is my news channel of choice. Wind your neck in. 

That's all. 



  1. Hi ilona, is this post to a troll? Hope you have a great day. Give your kitties a hug from me.

  2. Hello Ilona I imagine some busybody telling you your preferred channel of news is not worth should be free to choose exactly what you want to watch what's it got to do with anyone else.sinse covid start I notice people are criticising each other for every little thing they do and I do feel my life not my own any more so many rules and judgements keep on living life your way watch what you like read what you like walk where you like.the fun police are everywhere now trying to take our small pleasures in life awayx

    1. Sadly Jo you are so right. I Totally agree with her Ilona i could have put it better myself lol. Have a lovely evening all its raining heavy here now in Dublin but not so cold.


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