Friday, 4 December 2020

🔴 Fancy a ride on a Monorail.

Good morning. Still raining. Not much point in going outside. I'm glad I did my shopping last night. In and out in half an hour, got everything I need, £65 spent on three weeks shopping. That will do nicely. 
Who would like to take a look at South Korea? Easy, no problem. Take a monorail ride. Nice and gentle, sit back and look at the sights. Switch to full screen.

Now going to do some sewing. Catch ya later. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. I love these live webcams.Ive looked at quite alot in famous squares in Italy,ect. over the last year and what would be packed with people at one time only have a few people wandering about now.There is even one in Leicester city center...theres a piece of useless information for you,lol.I like looking at the London ones as well.xx

  2. Makes me wish i was going somewhere or could have to a trip to look forward so i guess we have to wait see what happens come 2021 i am not so hopeful for the early part of the year but i may be wrong i do hope so. x first time seeing these train journeys.

  3. Hello this was a wonderful post Ilona ; I love your shares and it is so great to see other places; the world from above series is amazing here is another one
    thank you for your amazing work Susan in New Zealand


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