Tuesday, 5 July 2022

All the fun of the fair

Hello. Tuesday morning and I am still ploughing through the photo's I took on Sunday at Winterton Agricultural Show. Let's start this post with colour. The funfair was really good, the young whippersnappers loved it. Lots of screaming, lots of laughter. I did not have an urge to join them on the rides. Been there, done that. 

Dodgems, always popular. Drive like crazy while trying to avoid each other. You are not supposed to crash, though I suspect many do just that. 

A giant swing with a difference. It rotates as well as swinging. Ooops, I can feel my lunch making an unscheduled appearance. 

And two lovely Fodens which transported all the gear to the site. These people work really hard to get their show on the road. Unload it all, set it up, then work on the rides until late at night. Fair play to them. They do not shirk away from hard work. That job would have suited me if I hadn't settled for a conventional house and job lifestyle. 
Who'd have thunk it, a pick and mix stall for pet treats. Some of it looks good enough for human consumption. There are a lot of pampered pets about. 
Aaaah, this was lovely to see. A fancy dress parade for pony and rider. Here they are getting ready for a ride around the show arena. The proud mums have done a fantastic job of creating their outfits. A lot of skill and imagination has gone into this. 

Bob the Builder looked amazing. 

Hard to pick a best of show, they are all worthy of a prize. The Market Trader was fabulous, complete with sausages, pies, and vegetables. 

There they go. 
A few more photo's to go, from a stall in the craft tent. Something that someone was selling caught my eye. 
Yesterday was a trip to the vet for Billy dog. Carol was worried about his sore bottom, it didn't look too good at all. She has all but given up on driving, so I stepped in and took him to the vet. Now he has antibiotics so we hope that will do the trick. 
It's time for breakfast, then I will decide what to do for the rest of the day. Thanks for popping in. We will catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona 


  1. Fancy Dress Competitions are brilliant for ordinary children on ordinary ponies that don't aspire to do anything competitive. You see some brilliant ideas - I hope that the Market Trader won.

    1. I didn't wait to see who had won. The children were having a great time taking part.

  2. Such great fun for everyone!! I am with you, I could definitely feel a lump in my throat from the twirling rides 🤢 . I think all the ponies and riders deserve a prize. I would find it hard to be a judge in that show. So much to see there, nice everyone looks to be enjoying themselves. 🙂 Great to see people out and about now.

    1. The Mums have done a great job in decorating the ponies.

  3. Sally
    Just a tip for giving tablets to dogs. Use the cheese triangles, divide into 3 pieces. Hide pill in middle making sure its fully covered. Give first piece plain, second piece with pill in and quickly push third piece towards dogs mouth. It will swallow piece with pill in fast to get next bit.
    Never fails and I've tried ham, chicken all sorts before this. HTH someone x

  4. Alisonpoiner1012658 July 2022 at 08:40

    Lovely photos from what looks like a brilliant day! X


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