Sunday, 18 September 2022

More Beamish

There is a small Fairground which wasn't very busy. It was a Monday so the kids are at school. A few people were mooching about reliving their childhood. 

Rowley Station has a short piece of track but no trains were running. I had a chat with the Station Master who was working in the vegetable plot. He loves sitting in his shed with his feet up enjoying a cuppa. 
The season is almost at an end now so some of the old vehicles are kept undercover. 

It had started raining when I had a look at the old schoolhouse.  
This brings back memories. We had desks like these in our junior school. 

How about a pint. A real pub with real pumps and real beer. How lovely is that. 
This is the 1820's Pockerley Old Hall. 
Table set for afternoon tea. 
Oh dear, the canopy looks like it is falling apart. Some repairs are needed I think. 
This is the view from the Hall looking out over the fields. 
There is a lot of building work going on at Beamish. The same thing is also happening at the Black Country Museum at Dudley. It would be interesting to go back in a years time to see the new 1950's town. 
There is such a lot more to see at Beamish, I haven't covered it all here. There is a Colliery, a 1940's farm, a church, stables, and many more buildings to explore. I left at 4.30pm and went to have a look at the nearby town of Stanley. I will stop now and continue the story tomorrow.  
Thanks for popping in. See you tomorrow. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. The first time we visited Beamish Jasmine was in full flower on the outside of the Hall. The scent was so lovely I was inspired to get one for our out house. It took a few years to find the right one and it smells so lovely, especially in the evening.

    1. Blooms are a wonderful addition to any building.