Monday, 7 December 2020

Before Breakfast

 Good morning, it's a foggy start here in North Lincolnshire, but at least we can be thankful that it isn't raining. 

I can't sit and just eat at mealtimes, need to have something else to do. I had an idea to make a brooch with a button, some felt, and beads and sequins. I sat at the craft table with my first mug of coffee and made this. 

I was going to add more stitching, French Knots maybe, but when I got this far I thought, that's enough. It's a little bit bulky at the back so would be best attached to a coat instead of some lightweight garment. I'm going to make another one and cut the circle out of plastic to reduce the thickness. 

Onwards and upwards, more sewing to do today. 
Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Your brooch is so unique and cute!

  2. Hi Ilona, good afternoon, I wouldn't change a bit. Your brooch is gorgeous. It can be used on a collar, on a hair band, or over a black sweater... Happy new week!! Stay safe.

  3. Your brooch is lovely and your stitches are so tiny.
    Hope you did well with your sales yesterday.
    Hazel c uk 🌈🌈🌈

  4. I think that you should make some of these and pin them to a cushion.Prop them up in the mobile shop and you have some more little home made crafts to sell.I do wish that I lived near to you!!,xx

  5. Very pretty work. Well done...the hardest thing with decoration is knowing when to stop!

    1. Yes, I normally go over the top. I looked at it and thought, that's enough.

    2. One tip that applies in any medium..look at the work from a different angle..I use a mirror when making a pot, or look across a drawing or a sheet of writing at an angle from the top across the work. It can be surprising what you notice!

  6. Beautiful broach they would make lovely Christmas gifts i am sure they would do well in your mobile shop x


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