Friday, 9 December 2022


 This is complete madness. I am listening to a court case which started this morning in The Netherlands. David Icke is banned from entering 26 countries to attend meetings and rallies. He is fighting to get that ban lifted. The case is broadcast live, via Skype, because he is not allowed to go there and present his case. David has an interpreter by his side. She is making a very good job of  relaying the evidence from both sides as it is presented. I am finding it difficult to separate the English from the Dutch when they are spoken together. Sub titles are not available. I think there may be some editing which will help translations when a shortened version is released. There won't be a judgement today, it will come later. 

The full video is released, 2 hours 13 minutes. You can watch it here.  

So, one man has been banned from travelling to 26 countries, because they don't like what he says. Now compare that to the millions of people who are being ferried all over the world to live in a country of their choice. They cross continents and are assisted by charities who rescue them. When they arrive on our shores they are found somewhere to live. The Home Office, Our Government, are hoovering up countless hotels to accommodate them. The latest being  a town centre hotel in Stevenage. The Borough Council  were given 24 hours notice before 178 were moved in. Read about it here.  

Same in Stoke on Trent. They expect 400 people in total to be housed in two hotels. 200 extra places need to be found in schools for children. Read about it here. 

And one man is banned from travelling. This country is broken. 

Back later. Toodle pip.   ilona

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