Saturday, 8 October 2011

Our little lodgers

I went to see our pussy cats this afternoon. Sue has started to give them some playtime together by moving them into each others pen for an hour, to see how they get on. It is all going very well, they enjoy each others company and it helps to socialise them. We have two little black kittens.

And another black kitten a bit older.

This is mum who came in pregnant and had knotted fur. She has been spayed and has a lovely soft coat.

This white kitten came in with it's sibling and mum. No photo of sibling, it wouldn't stay still.

This is mum.

This is Bow, she has been with us a few months. Still waiting.

Please find me a nice home.

All our cats are much loved while they are here, they have a nice life while they are waiting for a forever home. We do get some enquiries, but sadly we have to turn some of them down, usually because the house is on a busy road. We keep looking till we find the right one.


  1. Oh, Ilona, they are adorable. I want them all!

    Have you seen that cartoon video of Simons cats, not sure of the link but he has cats and they make the exact noise of cats and kittens and get up to the mischief of real cats. You can tell he is owned by cats and loves them.

  2. They truely are gorgeous. One day I will be known a the mad cat lady at number 10...I just know it lol. I love them.

    It does make me so angry though that there are so many useless owners out there that do not get their cats spayed! What planet are they on for gods sake. Don't answer that one...cos they're obviously not caring owners cos the cats end up in the shelter :o(

  3. I love them all but I Bow. I would apply to have her if I lived nearby.

  4. Gorgeous kitties. It's sad you turn people down because of living near a busy road. We have 2 kittens, brothers from the same litter, and because we live near busy roads they are indoor cats. But because they have each other to play with and chase around and have the run of our 3 storey house they are quite happy.

  5. Aww, the white kitten is lovely! If we wanted a car I'd give him a home! They all look lovely though, I hope you find nice homes for them all.

  6. I'd have them all if I could too!
    Apart from 2 cats, all my cats over the years and currently, have arrived via Cat shelters/fosterers/rescue centres, or I've rescued them myself.
    When I think of the fortune in vets' bills I've paid out, I think of each and every one and say, "You're WORTH it!", to borrow a well-known advertising line....! If I had the funds available now, I'd support more furry lives!

    Keep up the good work Ilona and Sue and Friends!

    Sandie xx

  7. Thanks for all you do, I know it's not easy.
    Jane x

  8. Just beautiful, really tugged at Mr Sft's heart strings!

    Sft x

  9. Just so precious♥♥ I hope and pray that they will find good and safe homes very soon. xxx


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