Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Ten day party. DAY 7

Good morning. I hope I've got it right this time, it is Thursday morning, isn't it?. Oh good :o) I am starting this post with a photo of yesterdays lunch, another smiley meal to get me in the mood for summer. Lettuce, spinach, celery, sweetcorn, tomato, two baby cucumbers out of the garden (because they aren't going to grow any bigger), two boiled eggs, and a bread roll, with dollops of garlic mayo (50p a jar from the Cash and Carry. Delicious. Stewed apples for pud, my kind neighbour has given me loads of apples.

For todays frugal summer fashions I have chosen to go a bike ride. It's dull outside, but the sun is shining on my world. I am wearing the shorts from the sleep set with pink top, which I wore the other day on the sun lounger. Mix and match that's me :o) My aquamarine top is from M & S, no don't faint, I wouldn't normally shop there, but they were closing down and it was only £1. Would you believe, it's a size 10 and it fits just right.

Yesterday I noted that some of you don't like Roller Coasters, ah c'mon what is there to be scared of, they are great fun. Anyway, when I was at Cedar Point ten years ago, although I didn't make ten rides on Raptor, I am pleased to say that I DID make ten rides on Millennium Force.

This is truly an awesome ride, the best coaster I have ever been on. When I was there it was the tallest in the world at 310 feet, and the view from the highest point at the top of the lift hill was amazing. Water is on the left, the park is on the right, then you plumet to the bottom at 93mph. You've just got to scream. Have a look at this short film, don't worry I'm not asking you to ride a coaster this time, look at it from the ground, a beautiful and graceful coaster?

Time for my third commandment, for a stress free and happy life.
Thou shalt not join in with Christmas,
unless you have a religious belief, in which case you can worship without spending one penny. I have seen the light, and no longer worry about which presents to buy, how much food and drink to get in, what shall I eat on Christmas day, and the biggest headache of all, how much is it all going to cost. I simply don't do Christmas, now all the stress has gone. You will not find me traipsing round the shops in a confused state, instead I shall be skipping around the park, playing with cats and dogs, and crafting a few bits and pieces from my fabrics, wools, and collected rubbish. So tell everyone that Christmas is cancelled, and you are opting out. The only pressies you are allowed to give are those which you have made, bringing back the true meaning of kindness. It's the thought that has gone into it, not what it costs, which is important.

Here is our LARF OF THE DAY
I've been a fan of the Two Ronnies for many years, and I was going to put the classic sketch Fork Handles in here, but I think this one is just as funny. Sad that it's only one Ronnie, but Harry Enfield's facial expressions are very funny as he struggles to stop himself from laughing. Hope you like it.

Wow, have you noticed Bloggers new way of viewing enlarged photo's? Click on one and you get a slide show of all the photo's on that same post. Much better than having to click on them all individually. Well done Blogger.

We have a winner for yesterdays raffle ticket, the name drawn out is Linda.
Well done Linda, and good luck. Your number is 735073


  1. Great sketch! A nice update that our Grandparent's wouldn't have understood a word of talking about all those normal everyday veg, fruit and eggs boxes!

    Christmas is a bit of a headache but as we have children we feel we want to do something. We don't send out cards anymore and only give pressies to our immediate family, so just our children, our parents and my Husband's brother and his two children. So it is much easier for us than most of the world. Well done for you though, if I lived on my own I would do things differently too. :-)

  2. We've not celebrated Christmas for a few years now - we're not Christians and the consumerism/stress that so many people put themselves under really turned us off the idea. We'd rather just give gifts to loved ones when we see something they'd like, rather than saving it up to an arbitrary day in December or feeling pressured to find something, anything for them to open on that day.

    Some kids at the class I teach just can't comprehend not celebrating Christmas, as if it is inherently special, but I compared it to Eid - a religious celebration that means a lot to a lot of people but absolutely nothing to them, and they understood.

  3. Fabulous scetch!
    Christmas is going to be low key here, too. We are travelling to Germany to be with my mum and dad, who will also be celebrating it frugal way. We`ll be spending time cooking easy meals together, going for walks and just being happy to see each other.
    I`ve made their presents myself and shall have no
    problem getting them through customs. Hand sewn aprons and crochet dishcloths for mum and aunty, handmade bath salts for uncle and a small pot of chutney for my dad. We shall dispense with the X-mas cards this year altogether.

  4. Oh Ilona thank you so much for that clip, fantastic! especially after spending 20 mins talking to O2 about the new iphone that is out tomorrow just the tonic I needed!

    Have already made big changes for this Xmas, kids complaining - tough, they aren't little any more!

  5. I would just like Christmas to disappear! We are not religious, so it seems hypocritical. I am making neighbours' presents, just two, by crocheting coat hangers for them, the pattern from a blog. Unfortunately son would be difficult to make anything for & I might do something for his financee. Husband and I don't bother after I told him I didn't want him to buy me anything he couldn't afford!

    The Blackberry sketch is priceless! Funnily enough a friend has put it on Facebook also today, so I had double the laughs.

    Feeling quite liberated today as I answered an ad on Freegle - some young man needs everything for a house, as he's had to move out of his home with nothing. I've found a down KS quilt, 2 single down quilts, some pillows, a couple of towels & T towels & pillow cases. My loft looks quite, well 'lofty' now. I was keeping them in case I moved to a house where I could have a spare bedroom. Pigs might fly!

    Love your meal idea today. I can't identify the bottom item underneath the sweetcorn!

    Keep making us laugh Ilona.

  6. Does a friend take your pics or is your camera on a self timer? I imagine you setting the timer then screeching to your pose place and suddenly becoming all poised and calm!
    We don't 'do' Christmas as such..we decorate the tree with homemade decs made from oranges, twigs etc (nicer than it sounds), we don't give or receive presents,we'll have a few treats foodwise, but they are all homemade , hubby takes a few days vacation..we relax in front of the fire, play board games,snowshoe on the property if it's not too cold,go to church, and just spend quiet time together. I'll admit, I feel a bit smug when I see the stressed out people in the stores!
    Jane x

  7. We celebrate the Turning of the Year on the Solstice, and look forward to the days getting longer at last!
    I'm busy pickling and preserving-making presents that will be welcomed!

  8. Thanks for popping over to see me.
    I am hopeless at saving money, but I like your blog, and think I might learn to save some of it if I stick around for a while.
    Great to see Norman Wisdom again.

  9. Fantastic salad. I am enjoying you getting ready for "summer" ;-)

  10. I haven't done Christmas for years.

    You've been playing with your food again! I would have got a slap for doing that when I was a child. ;-)

  11. It's a little hard not to do Christmas with having two small grandchildren. Sophie will be one on 23rd December so she is having recycled toys from when granddaughter #1 was younger:) Love your happy meal:) xx

  12. That sketch was hilarious! I will never quit celebrating Christmas! I celebrate differently now, but do celebrate, nevertheless. No, there is nothing religious about Christmas that interests me. But, lights, food, and joy are certainly appropriate, along with homemade gifts, regifting, used items, and sentimental ones. The pagans were right--more light, greenery inside, and some hearty treats help to brighten the darkest season of the year. A little mead and singing added, certainly made it a festive affair. They had no stores from which to shop, so we modersn made our own problems that we have with Christmas. Yes, I love to give gifts, just not expensive or useless ones.

  13. Hi Jane and Chris. I use the timer on the camera for the photo's. I haven't got a tripod so it's a matter of balancing it on boxes, secured by elastic. It takes a few goes before I get a half decent pic.

    Hi Don't unplug your hub, nice to meet you.

    Good for you for helping that young man out, Campfire.


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