Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ten day party. DAY 8

Oh bother and fiddlesticks, I've posted this too early, I hit the publish button and didn't mean to. My dates are all over the place. Must try and get the clock sorted out. This is Wednesdays post.

Anyone fancy going on a roller coaster ride? Will this one do you? This is my photo of Raptor, taken ten years ago at Cedar Point in Ohio. My boyfriend at the time was roller coaster mad, he had booked a place on a trip with the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain to the USA. I couldn't really afford it, £1,500 plus spending money, but I scrimped and saved and managed to scrape enough together to go with him. It was a fantastic holiday, two coach loads of coaster fans visiting 17 theme parks in 15 days. It was manic.

We had what they call Exclusive Ride Sessions, they open a ride early just for our group, for one hour, and we were able to ride it non stop. I managed nine rides on Raptor without getting off. Then I felt sick so I couldn't make the ten. Take a ride on it with me now, if you dare.

I love curling up on a comfy chair with a good book. Of course it's a library book so no cost there. The dress I am wearing today was given to me by my friend Helen, you can't get much more frugal than that. It's a jersey fabric, wrap around dress with three quarter sleeves, which is actually a size 16. That's the beauty of this style, one size fits all. It also doesn't crease so needs no ironing. My necklace was given to me as a gift from a friend, about 25 years ago. He went on holiday to New Zealand and brought it back for me.

Todays third commandment will make you feel great.
Thou shalt put a smile on thy face, and speak to a random stranger.
Then they will respond by giving you a smile back, making you both feel good. All you have to say is Good Morning, or Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, or Goodnight. Smiling is infectious, spread a little happiness. You wont look like a weirdo if it is a friendly smile. Definately dont grin or leer, that might make people punch you in the face if they think you are odd.

Here is the LARF OF THE DAY. One of the great comedians of all time, Sir Norman. I bet you can't keep a straight face.

Just popped back to announce the winner of yesterdays raffle ticket.
Toffee Apple has won ticket number 735072. Well done and good luck.

Also Kath has told me how to unpublish a post if I mistakenly hit the publish button before I am ready. Thank you Kath.


  1. Oh Norman, what a funny man :D Couldn't manage the rollercoaster ride though, would need to take my sea sick pills first lol
    Love the frock Ilona - looks very posh :)

  2. Dear lady of the manor...where's Ilona gone?
    Not brave enough to watch the roller coaster video but I did like Norman Wisdom. When I was a child I ws allowed to stay up late if there was one of his films on. He had such a beautiful singing voice.
    Jane x
    I always smile at people... just in case I may be the only friendly face they see all day.

  3. Ilona you did that ride NINE TIMES NON-STOP?! I felt sick just doing the virtual ride, watching the video lol. But then I am scared of heights so it's not really my idea of fun. Expensive too, I prefer frugal activities, trust me they're a lot safer than hanging on for dear life up some cliff and down again.
    Glad you had fun out of it though, we are all unique and that is what is so great about people. Each to his own.
    Norman Wisdom in a favourite in this family, good choice for today's larf!

  4. You are far braver than I am going on all those coaster rides. I had my fill so many years ago! I do love your dress. It is very becoming on you too along with the nice necklace. Everything is colour coordinated and ready for a nice evening dinner :-) p.s. I mostly smile at strangers. Often I start talking to them too by asking them a simple question or making a nice comment. It's always fun.

  5. I've only just read today's post and now you've put tomorrow's on; I don't know if I'm coming or going!
    That ride wasn't as bad as thought it was going to be, but you could still hear me screaming.

  6. Two posts for me to read today:) My my you are looking very refined today Ilona (elegant and cultured in appearance, manner or taste) Nine times on Raptor, crikey I couldn't have gone on it once, no head for heights:( Smiling from downunder:) xx

  7. I don't care what day it is... It's nice to come home from work, to see that you've posted. =) I love watching your life, it's my own reality show!


  8. Hey! Unchecking that box worked! Thank you!

  9. The first and last time I ever rode a roller coaster I was 3 months pregnant. The doctor said it was okay. I wished he had said otherwise. It was horrendous, made me sick, and scared me. No more. Did you ride the Pippin in Memphis, the one I rode for my only time. I like the dress very much.

    I won't be home much of tomorrow, so I am glad this was on tonight! I do smile and speak most of the time.

  10. Wouldn`t get me on one of those rolercoasters.
    I`d rather watch Norman Wisdom for a larf, though.

  11. Love the stylish outfit, Ilona. I have fond memories of roller coaster rides in my youth, but virtual ride is thrilling enough for me these days! Your book looks interesting.

  12. Phew, day 8? I thought I was having a serious senior moment there LOL
    I always talk to random strangers. One of the things I love about Glastonbury, is that they talk back!
    You look rather Penelope Keith in your posh frock :-)

  13. Love the rollercoasters! You must have been on the ones at Alton Towers?

  14. No rollercoasters for me - dodgy ticker! Do love Norman Wisdom though - brings back happy memories of watching his films when I was a little girl.

  15. Oh, my! How smart and elegant you look in that dress. Very classy.

    Just getting this in quickly before my internet goes again, none from about 12 yesterday till just now!

    Good old Norman! He was a friend of my Mum in law over in the Isle of Man and used to visit her. I once met him when I was cycling round the Island following the coastal path. He came into the place where she was working to visit. It was very sad when he died.

    The roofer just arrived and is taking tiles off the roof to see where the leak is. When he has gone I will go and and smile at a stranger. That won't be difficult as I am always talking to strangers!

  16. nice dress,very posh. I hate rollercoasters.

    Josie x

  17. Ooh, my name came up! Whoopee!

    I couldn't watch the Roller Coaster but I can watch Norman. Your outfit is very elegant, do you get many opportunities to wear it outside?

    I live in a Market Town so have plenty of chances to smile at people and chat too.

  18. Thats the closest I've been to riding a big roller coaster, barf barf. The last one I went on was at Flamingo land with my grandchildren aged 5 and 6. It was only a little one and the kids thought it was hilarious cos granny was screaming the loudest.
    Taking my dog for a walk everyday is a great ice breaker for smiling and talking to people. Its surprising how many people stop for a chat. Sally

  19. Smiled/spoke to a few people then remembered I had to! No worries, as it always cheers me up smiling at people anyway.

  20. Ilona....decent bloke alert!! Check out my blog post comments...you have an admirer!!!!
    Jane xx

  21. Hi Ilona

    Great post - the early bird catches the worm! Check out the Advanced Style blog for some other inspirational people over the age of 60+. I thought the nice young man who takes the photos could come over from New York and do a feature on you. x

  22. Jane, I can't find the admirer, please point me in the right direction. Is he delicious?

    Hi Lovelygrey. I clicked on Advanced Style from your blog because there was a post about a woman called Ilona. Yes the photographer is a nice young man, I would pose for him any day :o)

    Hi Mathew, I have been on all the coasters and most of the other rides at Alton Towers. Raptor is like a larger version of Nemesis at AT, but a much smother ride because it covers a larger area and the twists are not so tight. My two favourites at AT are Air, you hang under the track and feel like you are flying, and Rita Queen of Speed, which blasts you like a bullet out of a gun, in seconds. Love them.

  23. Found him Jane, hey he looks really interesting. I'm off for a read of his blog.


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