Sunday, 16 October 2011

Ten day party. DAY 4

A happy Sunday morning to everyone. Take no notice of the date above this post, I have never managed to adjust it to the correct time, I can confirm that today is Sunday. Well, we are almost there, only three more days to the 1000 post.

Lets kick off todays post with a little money saving tip, after all that's what this blog is all about, living a frugal life, making things last and spending less, so I have more money to spend on things that matter to me.

I was given this teeshirt last year when I completed a sponsored walk for the local hospice. It wasn't exactly free, I had paid my entrance fee. But's a bit loud and garish isn't it. The back is the same, I really don't like it. But no matter, there is a solution.

Turn it inside out :o) One red tea shirt, and if I keep moving about no one will notice the white shadows from the print on the other side, ha ha.

Talking of clothes, here is my Frugal Fashion for today. I'll just make a note here about my three piece suite, nice isn't it. I paid £50 for it, it belonged to my friends who emigrated. Most of the time it's covered up with old sheets and curtains, to protect it from the cats and visiting dogs, but sometimes it's nice to remove the covers and relax on the settee.

The black trousers I bought new from a cheap clothes shop, Matalan I think, about 8 years ago. I have since lost weight, they are a size 14 and I am a 10 - 12, so I have to hold them up with a safety pin at the front, ha ha. My short sleeved flowery blouse was given to me. Just to complete the picture I am sipping my cider through a straw, posh eh, ha ha.

Here is my 7th Commandment for a simple and stress free life.
Thou shalt accept responsibility for thine own life.

When I got told off by my mum for being a naughty girl, I often wailed, 'It's not my fault'. The time I was caught playing with my brother in a derelict building which was in danger of falling down. We got a good hiding and I cried, 'it wasn't my fault, he made me do it'. The time I was out with my mates and had a few too many to drink, and threw up all down my dress. I drank whatever was put in front of me, why did they make me drink so much?

I left home when I was 18 and moved into a bedsit in Blackpool. Within a few months I had found a boyfriend, my first ever proper boyfriend. A few months later I faced the prospect of running home to mum because shock horror, I thought I was pregnant, and the boyfriend didn't want to know. It was a worrying two months while I waited for the results of the pregnancy tests, I had to have two. I cried tears of relief when they were negative, and vowed I would never ever put my life into someone elses hands again. I never had to take another pregnancy test, I made sure I didn't have another scare.

Years later I let my guard drop momentarily, and wrapped a lorry and trailer round a gate post. I didn't slow down enough as I was entering a customers premises to make a delivery. I was under pressure from the company I was working for, to hurry up and get back for another load. For a split second all I could think about was getting my load off asap. I was devastated, how could this have happened with all my years of experience? The damage cost a lot of money to put right.

I went through all kinds of emotions, sorry for myself, guilt, sorry for the guy who owned the lorry, and finishing with anger towards the company I was working for. How could they make me do this, it was all their fault. It was only several days later after I had time to think about it, and calm down a little, that it struck me. It was my fault. Why? Because I was the one behind the steering wheel, I pointed the lorry, I was in control of the speed I was travelling, not the company. Ok, they had put pressure on me to hurry, but I let them control me by giving in to the pressure. I learnt a lot from that incident.

Responsibility for myself permeates all through my life. I am responsible for everything I eat and drink, responsible for how I spend my time, who I spend my time with. I am responsible for checking my bank balance, how much money I spend and what I spend it on. I am responsible for my sadness, my happiness, my feelings, my tolerances. I can't put anger in here, because I don't get angry.

Think about your life, who is responsible for where you are today? Interesting question eh!

And here is our LARF OF THE DAY. I haven't a clue what this woman is talking about, but her laugh is hilarious.

The draw for Bransby Horses raffle ticket number 735076 has been done, and I can reveal that we have our first double winner. Saving Pounds in the UK has been drawn once again. Well done, that gives you two chances in the big raffle in December. Good luck.


  1. Ha ha, I love your comment about keeping moving while you're wearing that teeshirt!

    Great 7th commandment.

  2. If only everyone took responsibility for their lives instead of hearing when there is something wrong 'why don't THEY sort it out', who is the THEY that is supposed to take care of every problem. Too many people think they don't need to look after themselves and their future. You are - yet again, an inspiration Ilona :0)

  3. I love your attitude! It's true, too many people blame everybody else EXCEPT themselves when things go wrong. Just accept your own part in it, learn something from it, and move on.

  4. A very sensible post with a good giggle at the end, just the thing for a chilly Sunday.

  5. I understood, 'Canadian Police, Canadian Press, and marijuana plants'....had no clue about anything else....but she was funny...perhaps she had been sampling the plants!
    People who blame everyone else for their predicaments really annoy me.
    Jane x

  6. I agree with your post. in my own circle i know a few people, its never their fault. its always someone else. i think hmm, you chose to get angry/waste your money/cause a scene.

  7. I won again, I can't believe it. That means I can get even more excited about the draw in December. Being responsible for our own behaviour is a very good point to make. Not one that people like to admit of course but it is true nevertheless.

  8. Changing the date at the top of the post should be fairly straightforward Ilona. If your set-up is the same as mine then:

    1. Sign in to get to the Dashboard.
    2. Click 'Edit Posts' tab.
    3. Click the particular post, from the list, that you'd like to edit.
    4. Click 'Post Options' [bottom left].
    5. Amend date [bottom right].
    6. Click 'Publish Post'.

    View blog and it should show the new date.

    It works for me.


  9. We are all responsible for ourselves.

    If we are lazy then we invite health problems.

    Sft x

  10. Thank you Brian. Do I have to do that every time I post now? There must be a way of setting the clock.

  11. Blogspot automatically uses the correct date that you publish each post for the first time. I've not found a clock that can be set. And where I've edited the date, subsequent posts have the automatic correct date again.

    When I'm blogging daily on a long walk (Day 1, Day 2, and so on) I like the day and date to reflect the actual day (rather than a later day when I might have drafted a report and published it) so I amend it (in the way I described to you) so's not to confuse. I can't edit from my mobile phone that I use when walking so I usually do the editing when I get home.

    Hope I've explained that satisfactorily. Sounds a bit Irish as my Mum would say.

  12. You do make me laugh. In a nice way of course. The video made me laugh too, and the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after......

  13. That's perfectly clear Brian, I'll make sure I check the date and time every time.

  14. Great clip. You look very comfy and chilled out Ilona:) xx


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