Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ten day party. DAY 2

Oh dear, I am late with this today, it's been a hectic morning. I'm glad you liked the Paul O'Grady clip, someone mentioned he is an animal lover and this prompted me to find out a bit more about him. He has had quite an interesting life, travelling all over the world. He was married for a long time, but not to the mother of his daughter. He has a farm in Kent, and a flat in London. If you want to read up on him here is the site, http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Paul_O'Grady

Right, the reason for my lateness is that I went out to fetch two kittens who are in dire need of a new home. The young woman does not want them, and can no longer afford to look after them, so she says. She probably hasn't spent any money on them at all. They have fleas, and need worming, and one has diarrhoea. Janet came with me to fetch them, and it wasn't long before the yucky stink of poo wafted through the car.

When we got back the white one had her bum washed, we found worms in the poo, they were both treated for fleas with a Spot On, and both ravenously tucked into a plate of Felix. The woman said she couldn't afford to buy wet food, they have only had dry. They ate like they were starving.

Thank goodness we got them out, who knows where they would have ended up. Aren't they just gorgeous.

I made this delicious stew yesterday, and ate it for lunch and dinner. Potatoes and carrots from the garden. One onion, cauliflower, bulgar wheat, wholemeal pasta, last few leaves of spinach, soya mince, Quorn pieces, and spices for flavour. Yum. I'm going to perk it up with half a tin of spaghetti in tomato sauce, that will do nicely for dinner tonight.

For my frugal summer fashions today I am wearing a pink sweatshirt with a floral pattern, which I found in the loft. There was three bags of clothes left by the previous owners, things that didn't fit me were taken to the charity shop. My shorts were given to me, and my sister gave me the shoes. Howzat for frugal :o)

I'm wanting to get this posted quickly, so it's a short Commandment for today.Thou shalt not carry a lot of baggage around. Don't dwell on things from one day to the next. Have a clear out in your head every night, put all miserable thoughts in the trash can, dump the crap in your life, and start afresh each morning. What is worse than bumping into somebody in town or at work, and you say, 'Hi, how are you?' And they say, 'Oh, you know, things could be better if I didn't have this awful life I am burdoned with.' You wish you hadn't asked.

Think about the poor person who has to listen to your moans and groans. If you need to offload, choose a family member, or a very close friend to confide in, but don't carry that heavy baggage on your shoulders for the whole world to see. Leave it behind the front door as you step outside. In fact dump it in the bin, you don't want to come back to it later.

Here is my Larf of the day. I almost forgot the famous Laughing Man at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The first Laughing Man was bought by Leonard Thompson, owner of the Pleasure Beach, in 1932. I used to see him every day when I worked there 43 years ago. The Beach always closed at different times, depending on how busy it was and how many people were still spending their money. The first sign of closing was Laughing Man stopped laughing. The stall holders and ride operatives nearest spread the word, and it was passed along and ten minutes later we all knew that we would be closing in one hour. The next indication of closing was that top lights were switched off on the rides, then we knew we had half an hour to wind down. At closing time a siren goes off, and shutters are pulled down and everyone rushes to the Casino building to pay in their takings. I don't think they do all that now because individual rides don't take cash any more. Laughing Man brings back memories for me.

Better late than never, I've done the draw for yesterdays raffle ticket. The winner is......Campfire. well done, a second ticket for you, number 735078. Good luck.


  1. Aaah, poor kitties...ours always arrived 'fully loaded' too.but given the right food, care and a heap of love, they always blossom!
    Sorry, I couldn't look at the video..I'm afraid of clowns (it's quite a common fear).
    Jane x

  2. Laughing man brought back a happy memory for me.

  3. Aw, the sweet kittens. A kitten and a rose are two of the most beautiful things you could think of.

    Your dinner looks very good. I have been trying to find Quorn pieces but can't. Asda seem to hide them away. Bought some Quorn sausages but I don't really like them. Never mind, I could use chick peas in that lovely stew. Will do it later in week.

  4. The Laughing man brought back memories for me, too. When I was little my dad took us to the Pleasure Beach. I liked the Noah's Ark and Alice in Wonderland. The carousel horses were the best and I remember trying to get out of the glass maze (1001 problems, I think it was called). I was convinced I was going the correct way and promptly walked straight into a glass wall. The Haunted Swing was very strange and giddy as the room rotated around a swing. If you closed your eyes you were alright but if you opened them you felt as though you were swinging through 360 degrees.
    Love from Mum

  5. I hope the kittens get well quickly, you won't want that stench in your home.

  6. At least she was good enough to find someone to care for the kitties instead of just dumping them. Perhaps she will think before she takes in any more in the future.

  7. Glad the cute kittens are being cared for. They will probably sleep well tonight after their nice meal.
    I probably could do with chucking out some of the trash in my baggage, must check later.

  8. Glad the kitties are away from an unhappy home where they were not cared for properly.
    I find the laughing man seriously spooky!!! As usual you are looking trendy in your frugal outfits. Sally

  9. Love those kittens! Lets hope they find a caring home eventually.
    I agree with your sentiments on dumping the trash before leaving the house!

  10. Oh what a hard time I am having trying to post a comment. I've tried every day for a week. This time I am going to try the anonymous option to see if that will work. If you are reading this it has. LOL. The laughing man really took me back. As a teenager I used to put money in the one in a nearby arcade then leave just to annoy the lady in the change booth.

  11. Oh it worked and I forgot to put my name. LOL Its EileenM

  12. Poor kittens, what a blessing you and Janet were able to rescue them. Fingers crossed for a loving and caring home for them both very soon♥ Oh my goodness I had the volume up high on my computer and the laughing man scared the geebees out of me! I find him spooky as well:(

  13. I have heard they get infestations through their mothers milk; glad they are all sorted - I would snatch them up in a minute if I lived nearer.
    Look good in your shorts !

  14. What again? That's too good. I even bought a lottery ticket for tonight, although I think it was really a waste of money.

    There is a word for being afraid of clowns, referring to Jane's comments, but I can't remember what it is. I have a friend whose husband is a clown, although he does lots of things like PUnch and Judy, stilts bike riding etc. He has recently started doing a show called Kamishibai which is a picture show with morals that comes from Japan or China. He does it in conjunction with my friend who teaches philosophy for children in schools. He's funny though, and the children love it.

  15. aww, lovely pics of the cats, at least now they are being cared for properly. do you give them names, what about snowy for the white one? she is lovely.

    Josie x

  16. Such beautiful kittens Ilona, I'm so pleased you've rescued them, and they'll soon blossom under your care :o)

  17. Hi Josie, If they are an older cat with a name, we keep to that because they are used to it. These kittens are 12 - 14 weeks old, they have names but we thought they were a bit odd, so we will rename them. People who adopt kittens always want to choose their own names anyway.

  18. The laughing man makes me think of what our politicians are up to behind closed doors Ilona!

  19. Those kittens are so sweet...thanks to you and Jane for giving them a fighting chance at a spoiled and happy life! I'm with Lizzie...I'd snap them up in a second if I lived near by...

    I hear tons of patient baggage every day taking histories at work...so I've always tried to keep mine to a minimum...once or twice a vent but mostly have learned that if I can't change something I change how I feel about it...

    Have been enjoying your fashion show too...

  20. Lucky lovely kitties! (Eating of the best china it looks like!)
    Thank you on their behalf for rescuing them, the poor mites certainly look grateful!

    Sandie xx


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