Monday, 10 October 2011

Ten day party. DAY 9

It's a horrible day outside today, wet wet and wet. But the sun shines in my house so all is well. I accidentaly missed a pic of this kitty the other day when I posted about our rescue cats. Look at this little darling, so pretty. I have just heard that we may have found a home for him. Some people came yesterday to look, Janet has done a home check, and they picked out another kitten which they liked. A neighbour came with them and immediately fell for this little one, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that they come back with a big fat YES.

And here is Elmo who arrived yesterday. He is so lovely. His previous owners had two dogs, a small child, and mum is about to have another baby. It was all getting a bit too much for mum and Elmo to cope with. He likes people but he also likes a quiet place to snuggle down to sleep. He's a lovely boy.

Welcome to Costa del Cheapskate. Here I am on my sun lounger, soaking up the rays and sipping my martini. Bit of a pong coming from that gas fire, I haven't had it on for about a year. That's ten pence worth of gas it's cost me to take this photo, ha ha.

My summer fashion today is a pink teashirt, which is in fact the top bit of a pyjama set. Ooops, I've forgotten to take the price label off, 20p from a car boot sale. My mini skirt is the same one I wore at my 60th birthday party, bought specially for the occasion from a charity shop. Powder blue footless tights from the market, and earrings marked down to half price from a shop in town which was closing down. Cheap trainers I've had for years, only wear them when it's dry and sunny, so they don't get dirty. I'm sure you'll agree, this is a fantastic, up to date look, for the busy pensioner, ha ha.

I'm pleased you took on board my first commandment for a happy and gorgeous life.

Here is the second commandment.
Thou shalt not stuff thy face with junk food
. I can hear you groan, what no chocolate, no cake, no chips, no burgers :o( Aint that what life is all about, enjoying it? Well yes you should enjoy your life, but if you want to shorten it by 10 or 20 years, go ahead and eat all the crap you want to. Me personally, I would rather do without 90% of the food that the supermarkets push in my face.

So, I want the next 24 hours to be a day of abstinence, not a morsel of crap to pass your lips please. No takeaways, no ringing for a pizza, no popping into a McDonalds, and horror of horrors, no alcohol. Then when the 24 hours have passed, only consume miniscule amounts of crap, one biscuit, one glass of wine, maybe once a week. It's your choice, wreck your body, or worship it like a temple.

Right, I'm just about to draw a name out of the hat for the winner of yesterdays raffle ticket. Anyone putting a comment on that post now has missed the boat. You can comment every day during party time, and each one will be a chance to win a raffle ticket.

I'll leave you with my LARF OF THE DAY. One of my favourite comedians, Mr Bean. This has me creased up with laughing.

The winner of the first Bransby Horses raffle ticket number 735071 is.....
I will keep all the tickets here, and check the numbers after the draw on December 19th. Good luck.


  1. Ilona that was my son's fave clip when he was little (he loved Mr Bean and his first words were not mummy or daddy but 'Bean-on' lol)

    We are having a declutter in the loft and have filled 6 bin bags already!! so that is some crap gone, will have to work on the crap we consume next.....

  2. Love your get-up, shame you had to light the fire to get warm though! As for junk, you were too late with your commandment - I had, for the first time in about two years, a packet of crisps, Potato Squares in fact. I am ashamed...

  3. I had already promised DH & DS a Chinese takeaway tonight, but this is a rare event. I usually eat pretty healthily. Note to self: must try harder.

  4. I will go for it, no junk shall pass my lips today. I love the countdown!

  5. Do I get extra Ilona brownie points because I am vegan? However I do have homemade wine with dinner (helps with muscle relaxation as I have fibromyalgia, and better than meds).
    Love love love your outfit!!
    Elmo looks worried, I hope he finds a loving home soon.
    Today is our last day of sunshine,then rain up to and including Saturday....yuck, probably mean we'll have to light the fire.
    Jane xx

  6. You prove that you don't need to spend a fortune to look wonderful! I love your outfit.
    I promise that no junk will pass my lips today.
    Just to mention, I can't seem to post with my Google account, or any other, except "Anonymous". When I try, it tells me I don't have permission to view the page.

  7. Oh, wow! I was just going to say I never win anything then I remembered the camera. That is fantastic Ilona. I've just watched Mr Bean, I can laugh again and again at him.

    Your outfit is just the thing for cheering up a dull, rainy, windy day. I need a cheer up as water is dripping on a towel like mad.

    I love Elmo, he's got such a sweet face.

  8. Poor Mr Bean, I too am scared of heights so could identify with the fear he was portraying but it is still funny!

    Too right Ilona it is up to us to look after our bodies and far too much junk goes in through our mouths.

    The cats are adorable, poor Elmo looks a bit sad now that he has lost his family, hope someone kind comes along for him very soon.

    We rarely have takeaways here so that one isn't a problem and I really can't stand Maccy D's, have only been there for the children's sake but it's all grease and fat in exchange for a lot of money.

    I don't drink alcohol any more either as they don't mix with my pills from the doc, so that's out. No biscuits either, empty calories so there's a good chance my day's consumption would get approval from yourself.

    Til tomorrow, bye!

    P.S. CONGRAT'S to Campfire!!

  9. Note to Karen re signing in, I could never sign in - it was driving me crazy! Then when Ilona was here the other week she mentioned not to tick the 'keep me signed in' box, and ever since then I haven't had a problem :D

  10. Oh I love Mr Bean! I was really pleased yesterday when a 5 year old told me about a really funny man he had seen called Mr Bean - I guess some parents are sharing their own childhood laughs with them!

  11. Poor Elmo...why do people treat animals like a disposable commodity? Hope he finds a loving home VERY soon.

  12. Today's commandment is a bit more difficult 'cos we are having pizza tonight. Will try harder tomorrow I promise.

  13. Ha,'re too funny. I love your sense of humour.

  14. I do love reading your blog Ilona and must comend you on the work you do with all those unloved kittys.Keep up the good work....

  15. That little tabby is a cutie. We had one just like it years ago, called Stripy-cat. He was a monster who terrorised our older cat until she refused to come into the house!

  16. Oops 4 choc biscuits passed my lips on their way to my hips before I read todays post. Start tomorrow. Another chic outfit. Have had trouble posting a comment, keeps wiping me out. Sally

  17. Does eating cauliflower cheese for dinner constitute looking after my body and cutting out the crap? I sure hope so, cause I love cauliflower cheese.
    Mr. Bean! Those were the days when you could sit and watch something funny without swear words or obsenities. Clean larfs were certainly provided with his entertainment!

  18. The little kitty is such a cutie, and Elmo is lovely looking too, I hope they both find good homes soon.

    I love your outfit!

    I'm reading this a bit late in the day for your second commandment but I haven't had any junk food today anyway. Unless you count licking the bowl out after making buns (although I use wholemeal flour and less sugar than the recipe so it can't be that bad).

  19. Phew just as well I read your blog first thing in the morning. No afternoon tim tam with my coffee:) Oh what a gorgeous kitten and Elmo is such a handsome boy, I do so hope they find loving homes very soon:) Love today's outfit♥ Congrats to Campfire:) xx

  20. You are too late with the healthy eating. It is 10:30 pm when I am just now reading this. Elmo looks troubled. I took a kitten on Sunday and today blogged about not wanting it today. I have valid reasons but won't toss it out on the side of the road. I only saw Mr. Bean last spring and do not think it is funny at all! Sorry! I am sure that is something about difference in American and British humor. You probably don't like some of my dear old shows either.That's okay. I love your outfit and am envious of your

  21. Love Mr Bean , and that kitten is absolutely beautiful- very like my daughter's fast growing kitten,Bold who has stolen our hearts.Only reading this on Wednesday morning,so too late to have avoided a packet of crisps and a homemade coffee and walnut bun yesterday!


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