Friday, 14 October 2011

Ten day party. Day 5

Another beautiful morning, and it's the weekend, so I'm going to get on with this, then get out and do something. Saturday morning is always Sounds of the Sixties on Radiop 2 for me. Tim Rice is presenting, standing in for Brian Mathew, not sure why, I hope he isn't ill. I'm starting this post with a clip of two of my favourite singers. I have many favourites, but I do like Dolly, she is so entertaining. Take a few minutes to sing and dance with Dolly and Kenny.

Howzabout a game of rugby then. I'm posing in the garden and the sun is slowly disappearing round the other side of the house, my foot is lost in the shade. Bother, I knew I should have done this earlier. I like stripey shirts, I've had this one for lots of years, can't remember where I got it. The shorts were given to me by my friend who emigrated. The red wooly socks are at least 30 years old, and the boots were from a charity shop, they cost me a couple of quid. So there you are, frugal fashions. I bet you are starting to feel sorry for me now you know most of my clothes are very old, or were given to me, or are cheap second hand bargains, ha ha. It doesn't bother me that I don't have any up to the minute fashionable gear, fashions come round in circles anyway. I am proud that my clothes budget is miniscule compared to most other people.

Here is a little money saving tip, but it's going to take you a few years before you reap the benefits, so better start now. When I moved into this house, there was hardly anything in the garden. The previous owner did not like gardening so it was just lawns. There was nothing between here and next doors garden it was all open, no privacy at all. So I had to buy some plants from various garden centres, wherever was the cheapest. I put a few in pots as well as the borders.

Over the years I have been repotting and when they have outgrown the pots, they are transplanted to the garden. I also started propagating my own cuttings as I didn't want to spend any more money. I don't feel the need to take cuttings from elsewhere as I have enough shrubs and plants here. These are my latest babies, it has taken them three years to get to this stage. The old ironing board comes in usefull, I got it from a car boot sale for £1.

What is the Commandment for today? A few pearls of wisdom, or a load of cobblers, however you want to look at it.
Thou shalt not worry about what other people think of you.
I am a very unconventional person with some very conventional friends. However, they are my friends because they don't pass judgement on what I look like, or how I live my life. This suits me fine, because I couldn't give a fig about how they live theirs.

When I was a teenager I was ridiculed for the way I dressed, and it hurt. I was trying my best to be, 'with it', fashionable, and attractive to the opposite sex. I was desperate to fit in with the crowd. I was chuffed to bits when I managed to pull a dishy guy. My very attractive friend had been trying for ags to snare him, but I won, I got the snogs, ha ha, a great boost for the ego.

It's great now I am a pensioner, I don't feel the need to conform any more, I don't have to fit in, I can just be me. Mind you if I dressed up a bit more often I might be able to pull a guy again, but the truth is, I just can't be bothered. When I meet people now, they accept me for who I am, or they walk away. I am not fussed.

In the past I have battled with BDD, but it's getting easier every day for me to accept who I am. I expect it to get better from now on, I am aiming to model myself on Catherine Tate's character, Nan, the foul mouth pensioner who lives in a council flat. For our overseas readers, Google Nan, Catherine Tate, and you will see what I mean. She is so funny.

So, whenever you are passing a mirror, take a glance at your reflection and say to yourself, 'Hello me, I like you', and smile. For if you are happy with yourself nothing else matters.

Well if this aint the best medicine ever, I don't know what is. Larfing is supposed to be good for you, if it is then Dustin Hoffman must be feeling great. Take a look at our Daily Larf, and get your hanky ready.

We have a winner for yesterday's raffle ticket. Cue fanfare it is......
Jane and Chris. You have ticket number 735075. Well done and good luck.


  1. Accepting yourself for who you are is a good one. We shouldn't change ourselves for others but be who we were meant to be. Sadly, some people never let themselves be who they were supposed to be because they try to copy other people so that they feel acceptable. I hope that by the time I am your age, Ilona that I will be as comfortable with my true self as you are, hats off to you girl!
    I'm off to enjoy my Saturday now, like you no doubt, have a good day without spending much :-)

  2. I'm not a fashion follower and live in comfy clothes mostly although I do make an effort if we are going for a night out. But oh how I wish I could accept myself for who I am instead of constantly wishing I was slimmer etc. My hubs loves me whatever I am wearing and whatever my current dress size, it is just my poor opnion of myself :(
    Dustin made me smile but it was still the Ronnie Corbett and Harry Enfield sketch that keeps me laughing, so clever (and the Morecombe and Wise one too) Thanks for the links Ilona.
    Hope the sun is shining still over Scunny, it's warming up nicely in Notts.

  3. Many years ago, a person a lot older than me said "You really are comfortable in your own skin aren't you!"...Yup, it's the only skin I've got. Ilona I still have a rugby shirt from 31 yrs ago. They are really comfy and hard wearing.
    I take cuttings from herb plants, they take a while to grow but it is worth it.
    Jane x
    Jane x

  4. Yes, my attitude exactly.
    Take me as you find me, if you don't like it, look somewhere else.
    But you're right, I think we all wanted to fit in when we were younger.

  5. I very much like that commandment Ilona. It's one lesson I think i was sent to earth to learn - amongst quite a few others! lol Still learning and so posts like this one really help keep me on track. I will have this as my commandment all week I think....and keep on telling myself "Hello me I like you" and smiling at myself. You are so right - that is all that matters really. Oh yes and not hurting others. I love that photo of you and yes Nan is a good character to model oneself on I agree!lol thanks for the laughs.

  6. The majority of people here in Glastonbury are pretty unconventional and would have stood out like a sore thumb in the home counties, in this town, no-one bats an eyelid. I wasn't as brave as you, I only fulfilled my peculiar potential when we came here to live LOL

  7. I love your rugby top! I love stripes, it looks warm and is very topical.

    If I worried about what I looked like I'd never leave the house.

    I wear second hand clothes to my job teaching at a prep school. I have 6 skirts and 6 tops which I mix and match.

    I am a contrast to the mums who drop off their kids but I seem to have their respect. I'm not there to attract their husbands but to educate their children.

    Sft x


  9. I don't feel sorry for you at all! Lots of my clothes are very old and I love getting them in charity shops though I struggle to do so as I'm very thin and the charity shops don't stock many XS or size 6 items! I'm still young (I think!) and I don't bother with fashion either - I wear what I like, what I feel comfortable in and am not terribly fussed how well things match up!

    Unlike you, although I generally am not bothered what others think, I have never been happy with 'me' so sometimes I do get self conscious!

  10. One of the things I love about getting older is that you don't give a hoot what folks think of you.

  11. Ilona, me and Chris are thrilled at winning a ticket....fingers crossed for us all!!
    Jane x

  12. How very timely with the world cup on :)

  13. I take cuttings too, although I must admit that they sometimes get put round a corner and I forget to water them - usually just when they are coming along nicely!

  14. Meant to say yesterday I like your little tray of cuttings. I'm fed up of having to dig lots of stuff up at this time of year as I've a lot of stuff that spreads like wildfire. Think I'll put in more shrubs next year and hope I can decide on some nice colours.

    I've got a great striped rugby shirt too, which I was going to put on Ebay but now I've seen yours I might keep it. It's black purple and white. I wear what I like, don't bother too much with fashion.


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