Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ten day party. DAY 6

Good morning, it's a lovely sunny morning here today, and I don't just mean inside. Outside the sky is blue, the trees are wafting in a gentle breeze, and the sun is shining in all it's glory. All is well at the Costa del Cheapskate.

I was sipping my coffee at 8am when a phone call came through, flippin heck who wants me before breakfast. It was my friends at BBC Radio Humberside. The nice young lady asked if I had seen the story about some dozy cabinet minister who had been caught chucking government papers in a park waste bin. I hadn't seen it but I got the drift. Carl Weatley on the morning programme is going to talk about things you find in bins and skips, and would I go on the radio and chat after 9am. Of course I will, I am an authority on rubbish, or things that are dumped but aren't rubbish. I was happy to entertain the listeners for a few minutes.

I've been amazed at how quickly my bank balance recovers after a bout of massive plundering. All money I have to say was well spent on things of value to me, walking trips, car repairs and MOT, and overpay on mortgage. Then I put the brakes on spending, and gave the account time to build back up again.

Last week I made do with a very small Tesco shop of £6.89, mainly fresh veg, and looking at my current stocks I will be able to delay this weeks shop untill the beginning of next week. I still have spuds and carrots in the garden, with some parsnips coming along. I even managed to pick a few tomatoes from the outside plants, which are now keeling over ready to give up and die.

Checking my food cupboards I can make a few meals out of this selection of canned items. As you can see I have marked them with the price I paid, that's to keep it fresh in my mind so I can spot when things have gone up on the next shopping trip. I very rarely buy branded goods these days, most of the Value range are just as good.

I'm going a bit posh for todays frugal summer fashions. Both top and skirt were from charity shops, and they have been in my wardrobe for a good few years. They don't get worn very often as I don't go to any posh do's. Saying that I am going out next Thursday to a wedding party, so I might wear it then.

My Commandment today for a lovely and happy life is..
Thou shalt not be jealous of what other people have.
Jealousy is a destructive emotion, it harbours resentment, makes you suspicious, causes rivalry, and ultimately festers evil. Wouldn't we all like to win the lottery? But look what happened when the latest couple who won 101 million, went public. All kinds of worms crawled out of the woodwork, slinging the dirt. They anounced they are going to make twenty of their friends and family millionnaires. I wouldn't like to be around them when a few disgruntled others start bleating about where's mine.

I recall an indident when I was about 8 or 9 years old, my friends across the road had a lot of dinky toys, and me and my brother had none. We decided to steal some while they were inside eating their lunch. Surely they wouldn't miss a few when they had so many. Wrong! We hid them in our garden and mother found them. All hell broke lose, we got a good hiding and sent to bed. My mum did right, the lesson was learnt.

Consumerism is a nasty and ugly thing, it breeds jealousy and resentment. We see what other people have and we want the same. It must be terribly difficult to bring young children up in such an environment. This is why I think this Commandment is so very important.

My friend has just bought a flat screen TV, she can afford it, that's her choice. I wouldn't have one if someone gave it to me. All my purchases are carefully thought out, I don't buy things because I see other people with them. How many times do you hear the comment, 'I want one of those'. There is even a web site called It's full of stuff which you never thought you needed, untill you saw it there.

There is no room in my simple life for jealousy. I dont give a fig what anyone else has got. I don't want to be in anyone elses shoes, I don't want to look like someone else, I am perfectly happy being me.

Phew, that was a bit heavy, now for the LARF OF THE DAY. Another comic genius, the Eric and Ernie partnership. A classic sketch that is going to live on forever. It's only short, but it does tickle my sense of humour.

I've just done the draw from yesterdays comments for the raffle ticket. Only 12 names in the box, no it's not a hat, I am using a wooden box with a lid. Give it a good shake up and pull one out. When you win a ticket you can still comment on the days after, because your name will be included again. You never know you may win two raffle tickets. Anyway, without further ado, the winner of Bransby Horses Grand Christmas Draw, ticket number 735074 is......Saving pounds in the UK. Well done and good luck.


  1. Well done with your radio stint!
    Looks like you are pretty organised with your shopping.
    Consumerism is the bain of our lives. You are certainly unique in that you do not keep up with the Joneses. And good on you for keeping your priorities well in prospective. That`s why you have a life style any other pensioner now would wish for themselves. You can go on walks/trips when you feel like it and still live a very good life.
    That scetch is funny. Have you seen their breakfast routine? I love that!

  2. Hey, you look ab fab in that outfit. I'm off this morning to look for some £1 jeans for husband in charity shop, he tears them just to the left of the right back pocket, getting up into his old jeep. He never used to do it with his old van, bring it back!

    I've just given away two pans to a nice guy who I've given paving flags and sand previously. He asked for a large pan on Freegle. As I needed some space I offered him them. The young man hasn't collected the duvets and towels yet but he will probably do so next week.

    Are you going to be on the next Superscrimpers?

  3. Looking wonderful Ilona in the outfit very elegant and Im sure will look lovely for your wedding do! Its very refreshing to read your commandment on jealousy it`s so easy to get carried away with what we want and me to on occassions, glad have been woken up again by reading this!

  4. Wow, I can't believe I won the raffle ticket! Will have to wait patiently now, won't I. The outfit looks really classy, you will look amazing at the wedding party if you wear that! Putting the price on the tins, I have thought of doing that several times but wasn't too sure because if my children see 50p they will probably think, 'oh, she only paid 50p for that, it's cheap so it won't matter if we use it all up'. They seem to think differently than me but they are sometimes impressed like when I got my youngest Daughter a Night Garden duvet set for £3 in the charity shop and a Spongebob sponge cake for £2.40 it was yummy and lasted several tea times (you are welcome to read all about it and see my photo's if you look on my blog). I know what you mean about jealousy Ilona, it is hard to parent children who watch their friends being suffocated with expensive gifts while they have a frugal Mum (Mean Mum they think) but I have to be who I am and am a product of my parent's upbringing so I just can't bear to spend all that money on labels. Never mind, winning the draw ticket cheered up my day just like Eric and Ernie did! Thanks Ilona:-)

  5. Long time lurker here form Oz, but I just love your blog and cant wait to see what you are up to next. Your fashion shoots though have really been the cherry on the top, I love seeing what you can wear next, though with your figure you could wear a flour bag and look good.
    Your blog is very inspiring and a real dose of commonsense, so thankyou for taking the time every day to cheers us lurkers up.

  6. Another great post. I love this idea about holidays and being happy. We all of us, in the first world, have such a lot of stuff,we have untold wealth and limitless ingenuity. We should all count 10 good blessings each day. We dont need to spend,we just need to appreciate what we have. Thanks again Meanqueen for your posts and clips and great outlook on life.

  7. By the way, Ilona I forgot to say that you have my Mother's carpet in your house! The one you are standing on with the classy clothes on. I would recognise that blue and gold pattern anywhere. My Dad has just replaced it but she had it for years. I still remember our cat walking in the room for the first time after it was laid and jumping back in shock when she saw it haha. Cats may only see the world in black and white but they can still see bold patterns and it was so unlike the one that was on the floor when she went outside a couple of hours before. Just goes to show that you have a quality floor covering which lasts for years and years, very frugal:-)

  8. Come on, Ilona...wearing that you may outshine the bride! The colours of the outfit are perfect for autumn, you look great.,don't have that ..even when we tell people (and they laugh) we do not have TV (we have an old set just for watching videos), I do not have a cell phone or any other fancy gadget. Our stereo is kaput except for the need to get rid of it if the radio works, our furniture is covered with cheap throws to hidee the rips..Who cares, we are happy even with with our leaky roof,no central heating,single pane windows,and 13 cats dashing around the place. More money would make us more comfortable , but no happier, that comes from within.
    Jane xx

  9. Yes, my floor coverings are very frugal, SP in the UK. The carpets were here when I moved in 16 years ago, and they will still be here when they carry me out in a box, ha ha.

  10. Another classic comedy sketch, they don't make them like that any more :0) and I am still chuckling over yesterday's too! Thanks for sharing.
    Love the outfit Ilona - you look a right posh bird in that one :-))

  11. £6.89! Sorry can't stop, I'm off to Tesco.

  12. Now I want lots of things from I Want One Of Those... :(

  13. very elegant indeed, and more so from looking happy and relaxed!

    I like the idea of writing prices on the tins in the cupboard

  14. You do look elegant Ilona, have fun at the wedding party.

  15. That skirt is fabulous, you look really glam!x

  16. Hi Ilona, just discovered that I won yesterday's raffle ticket. Thank you so much! I'll keep my fingers crossed, and keep following the countdown to see who else is a lucky winner. Love today's outfit and wholeheartedly agree with today's commandment.

  17. You'll knock 'em out at the wedding party in that outfit, it's stunning!
    I love the Morecambe and Wise sketch.

  18. Oh la la Ilona, very fetching outfit indeed, you look fabulous:) xx

  19. The outfit is outstanding! You have a really amazing way of standing or sitting just right to show off the outfit to its best advantage. Yeah, I am jealous of your slimness...jk. Maybe you should model. You look like you are ready to go to a wedding!

  20. Ilona, you look lovely in your outfit. It's not the budget, it's the eye - and the figure ;) Thank you for talking about jealousy and for your honesty,


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