Tuesday 5 December 2023

Not happening


Picture credit James Turner/Lincolnshire Echo.
Lincoln's Christmas market cancelled after Labour Council said it was too busy.

This headline gives the impression that the market has recently been cancelled. In fact it was decided in March last year that it was going to be the last Christmas market. It became too big and far too busy. I went a few years ago and it was a waste of time. Couldn't get anywhere near the stalls, the crush was most unpleasant.

The decision was announced nine months ago on the basis that we simply could not continue delivering an event that had been deemed a significant risk to public safety.

Read the story here. It's not only about Lincoln Christmas Market, it's about changing the word Christmas. 

 A popular Christmas market in County Durham has been renamed the "Winter Market" - seemingly in an attempt to become more inclusive.

The Bowes Museum, which was founded by the ancestors of the Queen Mother, has this year removed the word 'Christmas' from the event's title.

Councils are also cancelling lights switch-ons because they are strapped for cash. Some are declaring bankruptcy.

Towns including Bournemouth, Bolton, Medway and Leominster are cancelling the events in order to save cash. 

In Bournemouth, the switch-on was ditched after its £44,000 budget was scrapped in a cost-saving exercise - the council currently has a £44m hole in its finances.

Medway Council took similar action and said it would save £75,000 - as they seek to fill a £17m budget gap.

Make the most of it. It could be the last year we have Christmas celebrations.

Toodle pip.   ilona 


  1. Here in my California town we stopped having a town Christmas tree and Christmas parade and instead have a Holiday tree and Holiday parade. I prefer using the word Christmas and think that is the holiday the tree lighting is celebrating. Sorry to hear about all the money problems, we are spending ourselves into oblivion it may be. Toodle pip from Terra

    1. Hello Terra. We have Christmas holidays, Easter holidays, and Summer holidays. Winter holidays can be taken during the winter months, but December the 25th is Christmas.


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