Sunday 3 December 2023

Wild bird drop in cafe.

We woke up to snow this morning. The other day I scrounged some feather dusters from Barry's massive plant in his front garden. He doesn't particularly like them very much and will happily give me some. I take my secateurs to chop a few down. The stems are very thick. I spread them out in my garden, poking them down into thick bushes. They last ages even though they are not rooted into the ground. Sadly the weight of the snow has made them very droopy. I hope they spring back when the snow has gone and they have been wafting in the wind. 
After feeding the cats this morning, I prepared a feast for the birds. An old board, throw it down on the snow. On the menu was wild bird seed, bread, chopped up apple, a few grapes, dry cat food, and some scraps of wet cat food that was left over. 

Not forgetting two bowls of water. They came down for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

That's the only time I went outside today. The wellies I bought a year ago are very useful. 
I had plenty to do inside. The kitchen had a deep clean, and I had to unpack my art and put it all away. 
Let's see what tomorrow brings. I might need the wellies again. 
Toodle pip.   ilona

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