Saturday, 8 January 2011

Just chuck it

What do you reckon this is then?

Yep, it's plastic. Yep, it's broken pieces. The clue is it's close to the remaining bits of ice, halfway down Wood Hill, a path I walk regularly. This heap of crap has probably been shipped halfway round the world in a container, to end up littering our lovely countryside. I'm not sure if I blame the kids that left it there, or the greedy businesses who thought they could get a quick killing by importing flimsy so called sleds which had no chance of surviving careering down the hillside and crashing into the hedge bottom.

Pity we haven't got any granddads left any more to build them out of solid wood. Where is our throwaway society going to take us?


  1. All is not lost! Grandma (with Grandpa's help) knocked up a wooden sledge for my son. See my post where there's a picture and link to instructions.

  2. Found your blog and love it - you are so right about the chuckaway society we tend to see in everyday life.

    I'm subscribing - thank you!!! x (and goodluck!)

  3. Hi, I've just found your blog, and love it!
    You are so right about this rubbish! It happens near our home too. Just because there are leafy country lanes with no one around they just launch their rubbish into the hedge when no one is looking. It makes my blood boil!!!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Linda and Orkneyflowers, glad you dropped by. Some more lovely blogs for me to read :o) Orkney, eh! One of my holiday destinations.... maybe?

    Thanks for the link to your wooden sledge post, lovelygrey. I promise to pay more attention in the future.

  5. Always needing the odd house sitter up here - or an extra pair of hands, visitors always welcome!

    If you fancy a trip, drop me an email.

  6. Rubbish - after Christmas a neighbour asked if she could use my bin as it was only 1/4 full and she had about 6 sacks outside (there are only 2 of them). I had to take some stuff out that she'd put in as bags so heavy the binmen wouldn't have taken it. I found 4 pair of nearly new shoes, a valence in excellent condition and several pairs of pillowcases. I have given the pillowcases to my husband for his garage, will use the fabric from the valence and give the shoes to a lady to sell for a charity she supports.

    I really hate it when people say "I just binned it" I hate the expression.


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