Wednesday, 3 March 2021

An ordinary day

 Mayze has a lie in every morning, or should I say a lie on, when I have vacated the bed. I don't bother to make the bed, she prefers it lumpybumpy, and I just get back into it as I got out of it. I don't like a bed where the covers are dead flat, and I never tuck the bottom and sides in like they do in hotels. So annoying, the first thing I do is pull them all out, I don't like the feeling of being fastened into a coffin. 

Mayze gets up when she feels like it, at around midday.  

One of my recent lunches. That's the last piece of quiche. I had a cheese and onion dip with it.  
I am doing a bit more de cluttering. This little alcove is in the High Street next to my friends house. She has some stuff to get rid of as well. We had some out over the weekend which was taken, which included the big clumpy boots that squashed my bunions. Not much went today, I think weekends are best for this. 
Billy enjoyed his walk today. We went along a field edge, and when we got back he found two very boisterous fluffy dogs to play with on the Village Green. 
I made a pan of deeeelishus stew for my dinner. I seem to be making lots of stew just lately. It is so easy, all in one pan. I put a packet of macaroni cheese in this one. 
The week is going quickly again, the days seem to fly by. Nothing planned for tomorrow, just see how it goes. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Finally a beautiful day in the South of the US. Already 66°. Good day to do a little yard work. I've been going thru clothes that I no longer wear getting them ready to donate. I see so many clothes in the charity shops I have to wonder if they even need mine. Sometimes I'm never sure of what to do.

  2. I love seeing free displays like this.I have noticed on the walk to my Mams house that people have been putting toys outside,but they do seem to be there for a few days before they are taken.I hate seeing stuff that can be reused go into the dustbin.A few years ago in Brighton,someone had put some free stuff on a table outside their house,and I came away with a music tape,a childrens book and a small wicker basket.In Archway,London they used to have Give and Take days,in a hall.I wish they did things like that in Leicester!Like you,I havent got anything planned for today apart from a bit of sewing repairs.It seems like Winter has returned and I got my big scarf out the wardrobe yesterday,after putting it away only last week when the sun was beaming down!xx

  3. I’d have that nice loaf tin if I lived nearer. X

  4. I have been putting a large box of books out each day, at first the uptake was very slow, but now they are flying out. I'm also giving stuff away on 'Trash Nothing' and that is proving very popular.


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