Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Singalong walk

Hardly a whisper of wind today on my walk, so I made a little video. 

I am working on the nail varnish bottle assemblage, it should be finished soon. I changed my books at the library today. I asked for painting books and I got some. Mind you, my painting leaves a lot to be desired, it's very amateurish. 
Thanks to everyone who checked in with their miles. The Walking Group is heading for another fantastic year. Keep it up ladies and gents. 
Thanks for popping in. Stay happy. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. If there had been a few hills there,you could have done a blast of..the hills are alive with the sound of music,running around,with your arms outstretched!.Never the less,you picked a few great golden oldies there to sing!And it made me smile,so thanks!!.It really does look a lovely area to walk and to have a bench there is an added bonus.Loved it when you said hoss muck.It must be a Staffordshire thing,because my Dad always used to say that.Or we would be driving along and my Dad would say to us kids...Look at that hoss in the field there.Im going the longer way round to my Mams today to get an extra mile in because I didnt get chance to get out yesterday apart from in the garden.xx

  2. Good for you!I love to sing when I'm walking in the hills - mostly on my own 🤣

  3. I love to sing when I'm hoovering or in the bath. My favourites are Arthur Askey Busy Bee or anything by Gilbert & Sullivan😀😀😀

  4. You comment that you sing out of tune BUT AT LEAST YOU SING, you wondrous, joyous friend, you. Long keep it up.

  5. i do enjoy your videos and find myself saying 'cheers Ilona, enjoy your day' x


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