Monday, 8 March 2021

Early morning sun.

Good morning. I'm glad I mowed the lawn yesterday as it is raining today. My trusty old mower did the job. It's amazing how a cheap machine can keep on going, with zero maintenance. I put it in the shed in about October time and get it out every spring. A good buy from B&Q. 

It was a hazy sunset when I went for a walk last night. Nothing spectacular or stunning, just a pink wash over a bluey grey sky. 
The sunrise this morning was pretty awesome. Completed before breakfast. 
I won't be going far today, unless it stops raining. Plenty to do here. I think an Aldi shop is on the cards for tonight. My fridge is bare, so not quite three weeks this time. It won't be a big shop, just re stock the fridge with salad and veg. 

I'm going to carry on sewing. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona

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  1. No sun here in Leicester today and rain forcast in the next hour.So my walk today will be done about 3.30.It is lovely being able to go that bit later now that the evenings are getting lighter.I have been given some chilli and green peppers this morning,so I am doing salt n chilli chips tonight.I do like spicy food!.The sun looks nice on your felt and as usual I will look forward to seeing how it progresses.Its Mothers Day this Sunday,so I will be planting some thing up for the cemetery,for my Mam to take to her Leicester gran,who died when my Mam was only 15.It will be succulents because they last all through the year and keep growing in the plant pot.I always decorate the pink pot and this year it will have roses cut from old magazines and purple and pink feathers,pushed in between the plants.Hope that your Aldi shop goes well..if you buy anything exciting,let us know!.Take care,xx


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