Sunday, 10 October 2021

A riverbank walk near Brigg

Slipping this one in here, I'm getting a bit behind with the blog posts, they are mounting up. Yesterday was a lovely sunny day, time to go walkies. I drove to Brigg, there was a market on in the main square. It was all about arts and crafts and home made, and antiques. It wasn't vey busy. 
Brigg is a Market Town, there are lots of independent traders. There is a chippy which makes nice chips. I can't remember the last time I bought chips out. Let's have a treat. £2 for a tray, it was a big tray. Too much for one so I wrapped half of them up and brought them home. I microwaved them for breakfast this morning. 

I got chatting to a man who was sat on the next bench eating his ice cream. Small talk passing the time of day at first. I don't know how it happened but we ended up deep in conversation for an hour. Nice when a stranger is pleasant to talk to, we put the world to rights as the saying goes. 

Off I went for a walk. A long road took me to a small village called Cadney. I have been here before. The church door was unlocked so I took a peek inside. The Church Warden was there busying herself with some chores. 

I sat on a bench in the churchyard and ate my cheese and Marmite sandwich. All the trees have had the ivy chopped back at the bottom around their trunks. I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do. I suppose the ivy will engulf the trees and smother them. Not sure if the trees will die if this chopping back is not done. 

Out of Cadney I went down a lane. The signpost said Cadney Bridge 1 mile. At this point I turned right along the river bank to head back to Brigg. Every so often I heard the buzz of light aircraft from the nearby Hibaldstow air field flying overhead. 

I wondered if I might see some swans. The sun was going down and the light was beginning to fade, when I saw this family of mum and dad, with their brood of five teenage kids. I'm not sure at what age they have to be before they go their own way. 

Here is a little video chat. 

Eight miles covered to add to my total. I must keep up the walking to catch up the miles I missed. 
A few more holiday pics left. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Brilliant photo's meanqueen
    Fabulous ilonaπŸ’“ glad you enjoyed the day out and them chip's looked "gooood"
    Nice to have a chat to folk isn't it meanqueen, did you tell him about your blog/youtube
    All the best Levi xxx I'm off know LOL I'm in neeed of coffee☕

  2. I do enjoy your video chats Ilona - have been following your blogs for a few years now and they always light up my days. Best wishes

  3. the amount of time as kids we spent cycling down to hibaldstow bridge and across to Cadney , wouldnt make it these days. Though i am intending a visit to Hibaldstow once the fuel nonsense has settled , i want to photograph all the family headstones in the churchyard . Sadly ive just a couple of cousins in the village these days

    1. Good for cycling round there, nice and flat.

  4. I enjoyed your week and your chips did look appetizing I always find the portions are to big.
    It was funny that you said about the ivy for when I moved I had a tree? covered Ivy and this year I decided to have if down and my GS cut it down where we thought the trunk was but it turned out it was the clothes pole and the fop had a tree of Ivy and the pole was covered with thick Ivy,
    Hazel. 🌈🌈

  5. Ilona, I always enjoy these days out of yours in Northern Lincolnshire. Brigg, Cadney, Cadney Bridge and the River Ancholme are all places I'm very familiar with. I don't live there now, but this brings back some happy memories. Reading your blog makes me feel like I'm there again. Thank you.

    1. My maps are getting pretty full now with all the walks I have marked out. It's difficult to find new places to walk locally. I need to go further afield.


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