Monday, 25 October 2021

Back to Nottinghamshire

Another nice day today. Off I went, back to Nottinghamshire. A bit further this time, through Bawtry, through Ranskill, to a small village called Torworth. I saw a car park on the map for Daneshill Lakes. Worth a look I thought. 
I am a little bit hesitant to go into woods because I usually get lost. The tracks are on the map so I should be able to follow them. So far into it I got a bit confused, but I managed to find my way out. 

The sign posts are hard to spot, buried in the bushes. 

There are some lovely lakes to walk around. Plenty of Canada Geese about. 
I have no idea who those people are, they just happened to be there. 

It looks lovely and peaceful, apart from the trains going by on the main line railway line not far away. 

Picture of the bottom of me.....
....and the top of me. Taken in two different locations. 

I arrived in Sutton cum Lound. The flying swans on this sign don't show up very well on the pale background. I had a look around this small village and noticed quite a lot of new build houses. There was a large site with a sign at the entrance saying 33 houses are being built here. If they carry on expanding this village it is going to spoil it. 
The church is really big. I have noticed that a lot of small villages have the biggest churches. This one is lovely. Door was locked so I couldn't go inside. 
The rest of the walking was on roads, through Lound, and back to the car park. I must try and remember to take food with me for swans and ducks when I go for a walk. I feel guilty when they come towards me and I haven't got any. 

I was back home for 7.30pm. The cats were ready for their dinner. I have opened a bottle of cider. Miles checked at 7, on 

An at home day tomorrow, I have a dog walk to do. Thanks for popping in. 

Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Sutton cum Lound - what a pretty and peaceful place. I hope too they don't build too many houses and wreck it.

    Amanda, Sussex

    1. To be honest, when I saw that building site I thought, what a shame

  2. Hi Ilona! not sure if you have a cell phone or not but there's a gps for walking. You can mark your location when starting out.... this way you can find your way back if needed.



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