Friday, 22 October 2021

Into Nottinghamshire

Good morning. I took these photo's yesterday but it was too late to post them last night. My brain went to bed before I did. It was a sunny morning so I went out. My walk starts at Everton, which is about three miles south of Bawtry, an hours drive away. 
It's a lovely village, with a mix of small cottages and big posh mansions. I saw a lot of high walls and big gates with intercom systems, to keep nosey people out. Spotted, an electric car plugged into a socket next to the front door. A massive balcony with access through French windows, and plate glass panels around the edge to stop people falling off it. 
I parked next to the church. It is surrounded by trees, so this is the best photo I could get of it. The door was locked so I couldn't go inside. 
Off down a track and I came across this. The land was divided into paddocks surrounded by fencing. In one area a chap was cutting the grass, I stopped to say hello. A woman was exercising a couple of dogs, and giving obedience training to another. The two running about were in doggy day care. 

This was a nice walk through. The fallen leaves providing a soft carpet. 

I arrived at Mattersey via a footbridge over the Rive Idle. I always walk around the outside of a church to get a good shot. This one stand high on a mound above the level of the road. 
The door was open so I took the opportunity to get a bit of shelter while I changed from my body warmer to a jacket. Although sunny it was a tad cold. The woolly hat also went on over the sun visor. The collage is a quiz for children. They have to look at the pictures and answer questions. 

It looks a bit ghostly with the furniture covered in sheets. I imagined them with wires attached. They could be dancing spooks flying up into the roof. 

I sat on a bench and ate my cheese and lettuce sandwich. The next part took me down a long straight road, with a turn to the right onto a footpath along a field edge. I came to a small wood which had a big sign saying no entry. The path runs along the side it. These trees in the wood caught my eye, I need to get a good shot of them. There were a couple of gaps in the hedge. I cropped out the hedge in this photo. 
I zoomed in a bit on this one. I like the way the sun shows the whiteness of the trunks. 

A bit further along I came to a bit where I could hop over the fence and get into the wood for a better shot. 

Over on the other side of the field was another wood. I zoomed in to get this shot.
I was hoping to do a circular route, but found that the track I wanted to walk on was not a public footpath. Normally I would give it a go and hope I wouldn't be spotted, but I could see that there were two machines and two tractors working in the field. There was an alternative path I could use but it was going to take me in the wrong direction and it would add another hour onto the walk. Time was getting on and I didn't want to get stuck in the dark. Only one thing for it, backtrack the same way as I had come. Back to the road and into Mattersley. 

Had to snap this one. Geese lounging on the grass, and a man with a stick. He stood very still as I walked past him. Ha ha. 

And the last photo, a sunset to finish off with as I got back into Everton. 

It was 7.30pm when I got home. Eight miles walked. I really should start going out earlier. A spud in the microwave with baked beans for a quick meal. 

Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. What a lovely walk you had with lots of interesting things to see.. The tall trees could be silver Birch. I have just come back from my walk and the tree/shrub outside the village hall is covered with red berries (not holly)
    The sun is shinning so I must get back to the garden.
    Hazel 🌈🌈

    1. Yes I think they are Silver Birch. There are lots of berries about at the moment, till the birds feast on them.

  2. We've been venturing that way recently too - went to Mattersey Priory. There's a very misleading sign, presumably put up by the landowner, saying access for members of English Heritage only. Not a problem for us as we are members, but it is inaccurate and offputting. The large Bible College complex is eerie in a small village. We drove on to walk either side of Drakeholes Tunnel as part of our long term project exploring the Chesterfield Canal.


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