Monday, 4 October 2021

On the road to Hushinish

I woke up on Friday morning at the picnic area, and it was still raining. Only me there, no one else had arrived during the night. I made a coffee and ate a couple of biscuits before I decided to move. The day was not looking very promising. I pressed the button to start the engine and a new notice appeared on the dashboard screen telling me that I can get a new battery for the key from a Ford dealer. 
I knew the battery was on it's way out because there was a warning telling me this not long after I had left home. I thought well they last ages, and it wasn't about to stop working immediately. I thought it would be ok for the whole trip without any problems. Now this second notice appeared so I thought again. Maybe I should do something about it, because the further south I went the less likely I would find anyone to help me if it all went wrong and I couldn't start the car. I didn't fancy being stranded in some remote place. 
Only one thing for it, back track and go to Stornoway, where there was a good chance I could find a Ford garage. I pulled into a petrol filling station, and by a stroke of luck I saw a chappie get out of his Ford car. He wasn't at the pumps so I thought he might have pulled in to go to the shop. I asked him where is the Ford garage, and he gave me directions. He wasn't Scottish so I presumed he was on holiday. He said he was from the south of England and had lived there for several years, and he likes the slow pace of life there. 
I found the Ford garage, and asked if they had batteries for keys. They said they didn't stock them, but if I went to the big Motor Parts warehouse just down the road and got one, they would fit it in for me. Luckily they did have the right battery, and it was fitted. Cost £1.95, and a sigh of relief from me. So, panic over. 
It meant I had to go back down the road I had just been on, and headed towards Tarbert. 
There was a beach I wanted to explore, at Hushinish, so I took the right turn onto the B887 and drove for about ten miles along a very narrow and twisty road. It seemed to take ages, I thought, will I ever get there. It was probably more that ten miles. 
So far along it I came across this scene, ooooh, they are building a new bridge. Anything to do with cranes and construction I am interested in. I parked and took a few photo's.    

The new steel bridge was going up alongside the old white concrete bridge. 

I went closer and had a chat with the workers. This size of bridge is sometimes built in a factory, and moved to the site by heavy haulage vehicles. That's not possible here on these narrow roads. 
A stack of steel girders waiting to be bolted onto the structure. I asked how long it would take for the job to be completed. They said thirteen weeks. The company had rented a house for them to live in while they did the job. Then cheeky me said, oh I am looking for a place to camp, are you having a party tonight. They laughed, I laughed, can't resist having a bit of banter. 

I carried on down the long and winding road. Plenty of waterfalls. 
Had to laugh at this. Where is that blessed bus, I want to go to town. 
I didn't expect to see a gate on a public road. This looks interesting. I will take a photo on the way back. 

Cows and sheep roam free in these parts.  

I can see the beach.

Brrrrr, it's flippin cold. Never mind, I went for a walk. 

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On the way back I stopped to photograph this building which I drove past when I went through the gates. Looks rather grand. Don't know what it is. A hotel I think, but no one about. 

Lovely views again. Liking the zoom on this camera. 

Then I was back in Tarbert and had a look around there. It's quite a small town. I watched the CalMac ferry come in, and go out again. 

Then I needed to find somewhere to camp for the night, and carried on a bit further and came across Horgabost Camp Site. Just the job. Facilities, and next to the beach. I went a short walk before bed time. 
Thanks for popping in. More next time. What did I do next. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Love all your pictures it sounds like you had a great time and it's nice to get away sometimesx

    1. i wish we weren't coming into winter, I want to go off somewhere again.

  2. I thought the same as you when I drove through that gate - oh my goodness I must be on private property! James Barrie, authour of Peter Pan, used to live in that mansion as did H.P.Bulmer of the cider family. It is a high brow group holiday let now with chefs provided - well out of our league.

    1. I read somewhere that the owners of the property wanted to stop people travelling past their place, but they couldn't, so they have to put up with the traffic. Across the road from the house the grass is mowed, some pot plants placed to deter people from wandering over it.

      Thanks for the extra info.

  3. Are you car camping? We are planning on giving it a try to see how we get on.

    1. I car camped for two nights when I left home. First one at Gretna Services, £15 to park. Second one at the ferry terminal at Uig, Skye. Then two nights in a B & B at Stornoway. All the rest was car camping, in laybys, a picnic area, and camp sites.

      It is fun but you have to be organised. Be prepared to go to bed early in the winter months. Cook inside the car if the weather is bad. Use public conveniences if there are any, or do whatever inside the car or behind a hedge. The rule is leave no trace.

      There are lots of car camping vids on yoootooob. Some of them are very complicated conversions, some are quite simple. All you need is a car that you can fold the back seats down, or remove them altogether. Could use a blow up mattress or a sponge mat. The single bed sun lounger works very well for me.

    2. Thanks Ilona. We are looking forward to giving it a go. Did you know you can park overnight in the car park at Helmsley free of charge? You need to move your vehicle before 9am but there is some lovely walking country around that area. Apparently it's loved by motor home owners.

    3. I didn't know that. I have walked extensively in the Helmsley area, stayed at the Youth Hostel a couple of times.


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