Saturday, 23 October 2021

Patching things up.

I will get another winters wear out of these slipper socks. Last year I patched the heels with green baize from a snooker table. It is stronger and thicker than ordinary felt. Now the soles are wearing thin so more patching is needed. 
They are snuggly warm, I wear them over one, sometimes two pairs of ordinary socks. I have got some slippers which I hardly wear now. I much prefer these.
Just a thought, if you have a pair of thick knitted socks you could easily convert them to slipper socks by putting patches on the bottom. I might try that with another pair, I have got a drawer full of them. 
It's the weekend. The weather is looking ok. Coffee with a friend this morning, a dog walk this afternoon. Keep busy folks.
Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Put dabs of hot glue on the bottom so you don't slip. Just a thought.

  2. I've seen kits for slipper socks in the yarn stores... leather bottoms... which one could add to existing wool socks!!

  3. If you can get a hold of some dots or rubberized stuff they paint on the backs of rugs that will help with your socks not slipping on hard floors. Which is a big concern for me, as I have bad knees and slipping around is a fall waiting to happen.

  4. Remember you showing these on here ilona a blog post one time😊 hehehe
    Great idea look good warm i bet too

  5. You've inspired me to darn my own socks, something I used to do before I became too lazy!

    Amanda, Sussex


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