Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Baggy pants

Some of my long term readers will remember that one of my money saving tips is that I don't wear ladies knickers, I wear boys pants. This is because they are better made and last a lot longer, thus not needing replacing as often. 
Last night on my village walk I felt something strange was going on around my bottom area. A quick firkle down the inside of my joggy bottoms confirmed that my pants were slowly giving in to gravity and sliding down to the top of my legs. I had to pull them back up three times during the walk. 
I think these grey pants have just about reached the end of their useful life, don't you. The elastic is stretched to the maximum and has no more stretch left in it. I think it's time to relegate the pants to the cleaning cupboard under the sink. 
I've had them for many years, they used to belong to someone else. My friends emigrated and I was given a lot of their stuff. John's pants have lasted a long time, I've had a lot of use out of them. 
The blue pants are what I wear now, you can see the difference in sizes. I buy them in a pack of five from a well known supermarket. 
They are sold as teenage boys pants, and fit me perfectly. 

The waist size of the grey ones is now 36 inches, far too loose fitting for me. If I wore a skirt they would fall down. They have to go.  

No matter. I have a drawer full of boys pants. Plenty to keep me going for the rest of my life. That's if I don't shrink or lose weight. Now for breakfast. Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. 
Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. I love that these pant will still live on and be useful as a cleaning aid. One of my best window cloths is a pair of old pants.:)

  2. It's such a horrible feeling when pants or tights fall down! Once, when we flew into London from the U.S. we took a short nap and then went walking. I had jumped into my clothes and all the time I was uncomfortable with my panties. I was popping in corners and attempting to readjust. When we got back to the Hotel I found I had put one leg through the waist and the leg hole was around my waist. I had spent two hours walking around like that!

  3. I wear my Grandsons old teenage pants to sleep in with a tee shirt,but after last weekend Im thinking of buying boys pants from now on.It was our last weekend trip of the year and hastily packing an overnight bag,I didnt realise that I had shoved in one of my lacy thong type pants..bought many years ago,lol....After 2 hours on the coach I felt like I was sitting on a cheese greater with sandpaper wrapped around it.There not even big enough to use as a duster,so they went straight in the bin when I got home!xx

  4. You have got a lot of wear from those pants! I think I'll buy boys' pants from now on.

    Amanda, Sussex

  5. I just about spit my coffee drink out reading this!!! You are hilarious!!! Keep on keeping on!!!!

  6. Wow!! I have never worn male underwear. I found newer pants lately and they last quite awhile. You made me laugh as well!!


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