Thursday, 14 October 2021

Trying a new drink. Coffee chat

Here is a little video I whipped up yesterday. It refers to a post I did recently on a drink that might be a solution to freeing up blocked sinuses and reducing excess mucus. 

Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Its lovely to log on and see that there is a video waiting for us to watch!.I dont know about the oil in it and I hate the taste of cinnamon so I dont think that I will be giving it a go...but if it works for you,go for it!.As far as coffee is concerned,if I drink too much of it,it gives me a fuzzy head,lol.Im more of a tea person my self.My Daughter drinks coffee a lot,maybe 4 cups straight after each other!.Mayze really is adorable.The stray cat that was coming in mine a few months ago,has decided that we are his new slaves and has moved in!.I think he was feral and not used to being handled because he wont allow us to stroke him.I am so amazed that my 5 cats have accepted him!.But he is safe and warm and thats the main thing.Feeding 6 instead of 5 doesnt really make any difference,lol.I have tried all around the area to try and find his owner,ringing people on the Lost Pets site....only one of them got back to me and it wasnt hers.I think that he was thrown out as a kitten and left to fend your his self.There are some horrible people who would do that and I have got a good idea of where he came from now.Hubby has called him Midnight...but I have shorted it to Middy..because he lives in the Midlands...I know..Im crackers!I just wish that he would allow us to stroke him because I feel that he his missing out on so much love and fuss.Never mind,maybe that will come with time,xx

  2. I swear by Olbas Oil. Totally natural ingredients. Good on a tissue to sniff or on your pillow. Also in warm water as an inhalation!!


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