Friday, 1 October 2021

Walking Group check in.

 Good morning. It rained all day yesterday so there was no walking done. Today looks better, the sun is out. I've just done a quick calculation of my miles, and I have fallen below the target of 749 for the first nine months of the year. You might think I have done a lot of walking while on holiday, but that didn't happen. I did some but not enough to increase the mileage by any significant amount. 

So what's it like for walking on the Outer Hebrides? The landscape is very beautiful, the scenery is amazing, but there are some very long straight roads which would not make for pleasant walking. Long and straight with not many interesting features close to the roadside to see would be pretty boring. Lovely when viewed from a moving vehicle, or stop to take a photo, but I like to have something interesting and pleasing to look at. There is also a lot of water, so that limits it a lot. I am not a fan of sinking into boggy bits. 

Yes, I walked on the beaches, walked around churches, stopped to view interesting historical sites, but covered very few miles. My one totally walking day while I was at Stornoway was eight miles, all the rest were drive somewhere, get out and have a look around. Not what I would call proper walking. I did strike out a couple of times, and walk a bit further, when I had viewed the Calanais Stones, and a walk around the woods at the Castle. Oh, and once when I had camped up at a site. I set off down a quiet road because I felt the need to stretch my legs. 

The target for the end of September is 749, I am at 741. Not that much short, but I need to do some extra walks to catch up. The target for the end of October is 833. I'm sure I will reach that, unless it rains every day from now till then. 

So how have you all done. Over to you. Your turn. 

Autumn is here so let's have an appropriate pic from the archives. This is a front garden in our village. 

Thanks for popping in. More Scotland pics to come. Enjoy your day. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Love the autumn colours in your photo Ilona. So different to here in Australia, where the native trees are evergreens. Beautiful in their own way though.

  2. Hello Ilona and fellow walkers. I´m still below target, 35 miles this month - following doctor´s orders!

  3. Hello Ilona and fellow walkers,
    Since any walking further than to the letter box at the corner of the street is no longer possible for me, I have changed to cycling, which I am so glad to be able to do and enjoy.
    As long as the streets and cycle paths aren't wet or slippery I want to pull my e-bike out for a daily ride of at least 10 kilometres through my town's wonderful countryside.
    Doing so I pedaled up to a total of 385 kilometres in September.
    Still on the move as you can see :>) And very happy.
    Cheers to you and all fellow walkers!


  4. Another with walking issues. I was three weeks in an air cast for my Achilles tendonitis and am only supposed to walk a mile for a while. So I managed 12 miles in September for a year-to-date total of 970 miles. Autumn has the best walking weather, so I'm bummed that I can't walk much. And even walking only a little bit daily, I should at least make 1,000. Last year my total was over 1,500 miles so rather disappointing. But, hey, at least I'm able to get out and walk!

    Sheila in Idaho

  5. Hello Ilona and fellow walkers, 116 miles for me in September and a total of just under 992 for the 9 months to date. Walked 4 miles today so hope to reach 1000 this weekend, weather permitting! Your Scottish adventure looked interesting, Ilona but a shame there weren't better opportunities for longer walks. All the best for achieving your October target and good luck to the group. Vicki

  6. Hi Ilona,
    Sounded like a good holiday. I like to go there as well some time.
    It has been raining all day here in the Netherlands, so I did not do much walking today. Never mind it is only the first day of the month.
    I did 94 miles in september, making it a total of 861 miles so far.
    A bit of a reserve which is a good thing as the days are shortening and a knee which is not very cooperative at the moment. But we keep our spirit up and get on with the job.
    Have a good (walking) weekend. Cheerio.

  7. Hi Ilona and fellow walkers
    I logged 83 miles in September which gives me a year to date of 861. I had a couple of out of town trips and didn't get a chance to do much walking except a mile here and there.
    Thanks for sharing your trip experiences.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  8. Hi fellow walkers. I've done 81 miles in September (763 in total). So over the target for 1000 miles challenge but I was hoping to do 100 a month so well behind. Must try harder over the last three months. Good luck everyone x

  9. Hi Ilona and worldwide walkers! Hello from sunny Arizona desert, where finally the temperatures are less than 100F (38 c)most days ;). I walked 39 miles this month, although I am sure I probably did another 10 without tracking, but will hold to 39 officially. October should be wonderful with day temps good and the chance for two walks a day!

  10. Hi Ilona and fellow walkers, I did 186 klms for August, and managed 172 klms for September, so keeping as active as I can. I am up to (by my calculations lol) 1712 klms out of my goal of 1930 ish klms (1200 miles). Right chuffed with that, and going to be interested to see how many I actually manage to get to. By the way, I love reading your blog and seeing all the snaps of the places you go to, it all looks lovely. Joy. Central Vic Australia.

  11. Hello fellow walkers! I did 78 miles this month, very consistent for me over the past six months. But I will be short of the 1,000 miles goal if I don't kick it up a bit.

  12. Hi Ilona and fellow walkers,
    I have walked 84 miles October which in total this year of 750. Best wishes to all.

  13. Very late for checking in, sorry. Have had a lovely few days away in Imverness. My total miles walked in September is 47miles, really pleased with that. gillian


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